Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Justice is never yours.. Unless you shout for it..

I never understand this line!! And I guess, I probably never will!!

We are slowly realizing that justice is not something every Indian citizen deserves. Justice needs to be claimed, whatever (legal) way possible. Shout from the roof-tops, get into the print media, gather news channel's attention, prepare petitions, get into the eyes & ears of the home minister (centre and state), tweet about it, Facebook it and request plead for likes and shares. Do everything and more. And it's all for something our constitution has given us - right to justice. It's shocking that every party that has come to power had evaded this topic.

Case in point: Aarushi Talwar, Jessica Lal, Priyandarshini Mattoo and the most recent Keenan Santos - Reuben Fernandes?? They are all victims of certain sections of society (politics & power are also part of the society). Their families / closed ones fought for justice. Had there been a preventive mechanism, all of them would have been alive, healthy and more importantly, proud of our society!!

Justice for Keenan and Reuben is trending on Twitter and the petition is being shared on Facebook. Here is the link and I request everyone to atleast sign the petition and be a part of this movement. Please click here to sign the petition. The petition is not to bring the culprits to justice. That will surely happen. The petition is for a bigger cause.

Look at the bigger picture. We need to understand that this is just one of the many cases that happen in our country. Millions of such cases go unnoticed, few hundreds of them gets local media coverage - result is just sympathy and nothing more. Only a hand-full of them (with complete support from social media / news channels) get noticed. We need to make this count - not only for the families / friends of the deceased, but for the overall betterment of our country!! If the people in power cannot provide us with proper support and security, we need to take matter in our own hands - albeit legally. The millions who lost out on the fight for justice just because they had no access to social media / powerful contacts / public support should also be provided justice!!

As far as justice for Keenan & Reuben are concerned, the culprits (some of whom have been arrested) should be punished severely - no doubt about it. But that's just the short term objective. The long term issue is that of eve-teasing. How do we tackle it? Honestly, I don't know!! Girls are taught to ignore it and move on. Guys, encouraged by their friends, feel it's cool and since the girls are ignoring it, it's harmless too!! We have sections (354 & 509) but is anyone aware of it? Nopes!! Which means we just don't know how to implement it.

I am not blaming the government (centre or state) - as it is the norm now-a-days, the police, the judicial system. I am blaming each and every one of us. Because we are responsible for this mess. Through this cause, we need to correct it. Bring the perpetrators to justice, set an example for millions of guys who think eve-teasing is cool, show the government / media that we, the citizens of India, can stand united - despite our religion / language / caste. And when we do stand united, things "happen"!! 

I wish I can tell this lady to open her eyes and look at this world!! Blind-folded justice?? C'mon who are we kidding here??
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  1. Our courts have so many pending cases that it will take years to clear them even if they stop taking new cases!!! We need fast track courts for the bigger crimes...
    Hope and Pray the situation improves.

  2. True Arti!! But it's important to make a difference, I believe..

  3. We are still relying on the judicial system given by Britishers and to add to the misery it's impossible to change law in our country. Thanks to our Netas. Justice is something which hardly prevails in our country. Great post!

  4. I know who ever came up with the idea of that idol!!

    I won't sign the petition because I believe it is all nonsense. Just because these guys are media savvy they highlight their case, but someone emailed me on how there are hundred such cases which go un-noticed!

    No wonder, Indian youth is troubled and angry! Perhaps the anger I have about such hyped cases that I care not to sign.

  5. @Saru: The system, on paper, doesn't seem that bad, but the implementation is where people manipulate!!

  6. @Chintan: The idea of the idol is simply pathetic!!

    Signing the petition is not big deal anyways. Numbers will come, coz the Indian youth is too frustrated with the scenario in our country.. And yes, there are many many such cases that go un-noticed.. Unfortunate!! All the more reason why this one should make a difference!!

  7. the most underlying example of it is 'Irom sharmila'. the lady suffers in silence yet nobody knows what she has done or has been doing just becoz of no media coverage.
    Its really sad that people arent aware of their rights and are easily be fooled by what is 'shown' blindfolded to the 'real' cause!
    Its only those with big bucks and top contacts who can get justice!


  8. Hey Binu, gr8 tht u brought this up - the Indian legal system is in a serious need of an overhaul.. justice is today skewed towards money.. however there is a rising movement among us,the youth where we hv started to nt take things lying down.. hope this movement takes a bigger shape.. u knw, the irony is tht we r the IT leaders of the world n if we cud computerize our gov, a lot of the corruption cud b averted...

    gr8 tht u brought this up, Binu.

  9. @Sarah: True!! Irom Sharmila was covered by the media only when Anna movement started!! In India, if we have power and money, law can be manipulated!! Sad state of affairs!!

    @Raj: I agree buddy!! Technology can be adopted for better purpose, and we, as IT professionals and bloggers have a bigger responsibility than what we think of!! :)

  10. The 'system' will never work cause the people in charge are themselves 'corrupt'. No point in blaming it cause - no matter how much aam-admi is affected - we won't see any 'arab spring' or 'french revolution'.

    There are certain things that we have to live with - this is what we are thought to believe in and not to fight-back. Fighting itself is bad, they say - hum log ahimsawadi hai!! B***SH*T - boos to the people who don't fight back against injustice!

    And my dear friend the 'blind'ness of justice lady has some other significance - she's supposed to deliver justice without looking at the involved parties, without any bias - these days the meaning has changed - she delivers justice without looking at the truth!!!

  11. @Abu: I know the reason behind the blindness of justice lady yaar.. It was a sarcastic comment!! :) And you are right, the meaning now-a-days have changed!!

  12. True words. Cases in courts are running for many years...

    meaningful post...


  13. True. Blind Justice is not going to work any further.
    The main problem is our judicial system is very slow. It takes years and years for one case (Kasab, for instance), diluting the public outcry.
    And 90 percent of the cases go unnoticed since they don't get enough media/press attention. Things have to start changing.

  14. Ashwini, am sure things will change.. However, we need some trigger somewhere (like this case) to change the system!!

  15. We need efficient people who are true and have some integrity... Afzal Guru, Kasab are lying in the jails living lavishly on the hard earned money of people like you and me... Its a shame, really.

  16. True DS!! But I am sure change can happen!!

  17. THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site. This is the information I was looking for.

  18. Well, I am glad you found it Alexander!! :)


All yours..

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