I started writing blogs primarily because I wanted to start a constructive hobby.  Those were the days when my near & dear ones used to tell me that playing video games was not a hobby! I didn’t agree with them then and I don’t agree with them now either. So, I thought I will start something new, something that I enjoy and is ‘meaningful’ in their eyes at the same time. That’s how this blog was born. Yeah, I agree. Not motivational at all. But hey, not everything that happens in life are a result of motivation. Some just happen by chance.

Anyway, any blogger worth his ‘pageview’ craves for appreciation. Some never reveal, they just write. I try to be one of them. But deep down I know some amount of appreciation and recognition won’t do me any harm! And yes, I have had my “15 seconds of fame” or should I say – “15 pageviews of fame”.

It all started when BlogAdda, a reputed blogging community, included one of my posts as part of their weekly best collection. Till that time, I never knew that such initiatives (like Tangy Tuesday / Spicy Saturday) exist to encourage bloggers! You got to see my happiness when I received mail from their team stating my post has been selected as part of their “Tangy Tuesday” collection.

My First Tangy Tuesday post by BlogAdda

Slowly but surely, many of my posts began appearing in these categories – you can check some of them here.

I guess consistency pays. I have had many of my friends who started blogging but left it after publishing 1-5 posts because of lack of motivation. They were either looking for a quick turnaround in terms of the reach or were financially inclined or both. Thankfully, I survived that initial phase of less viewership (in single digits) and lack of feedback. Congrats / well done / nice article / interesting read seldom works in terms of constructive feedback. So yes, “slow and steady actually wins the race”!

From year 2012 till date, “Bloggers Park” has been featured in the directory of “Top Indian Blogs

Bloggers Park also made it to top 10 in the list of Sports blog award at the inaugural BlogAdda awards in 2014. I did not make the top 5 cut, but this recognition in itself was a big motivation for me. 

BlogAdda WIN awards 2014 - Top 10 Sports blog

Baggout came with a list of “Top 15 socially active Sports blog” and “Bloggers Park” was 7th in the list. Top 15 Socially active Sports blog in India 2015

In 2015, I came even closer to win the "Best blog award in Sports category". I finished in the top 5, that's being a part of the 5 best sports bloggers. Not bad at all.

Top 5 sports blogger in India

These are just the kind of motivation needed by a blogger like me who maintains a non-monetary blog. But still, nothing beats the feeling when your friends come up to you and say they read your blog frequently. This remains the ultimate motivation. Thank you guys.

At the risk of sounding pompous, let me say this is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go.

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