Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When dividing is not always the solution..

In order to analyze anything, it is always advised to divide it into segments, analyze those small segments and then make an informed judgement on the whole piece. That's how research and analysis works, even in the industry. And even in politics. With just a slight twist.

The British came to rule over our country. We were united. They divided us - because our combined strength was too much for them to handle. They ruled, we fought back and eventually they left. That's history now!! But what's still present in our country is the concept of dividing!! We divide people on the basis of caste and religion (and color). Did I hear racism?? But there's a new trend in town - Dividing states!!

In the early 2000's, we formed 3 new states: Chhattisgarh (from Madhya Pradesh), Uttaranchal (from Uttar Pradesh) and Jharkhand (from Bihar). If that was not enough, Andhra Pradesh is fighting for a different state of Telangana. And now, the biggest of them all - Mayawati is entering the fray to divide UP into 4 different states (The decision to divide UP will be discussed in the winter session of the parliament)!! I am sorry, but did anyone keep track of the number of states we will have once all the division is done and dusted?? I, for one, didn't.

Honestly, I understand the sentiments of the people concerned. Some of them have been fighting for a long time to have a separate state and well, lets just say, they deserve a new state. But a majority of people (Read: Political class) are doing it for their own selfish needs!! Earlier we realize it, the better.

Case in point: Uttar Pradesh. UP is the biggest state in India. Its also the most populous one too. In fact, if UP were a country, it would have been 5th most populous country!! Why do we need to divide UP? Ask their ruling party and they will say it can help all 4 states in the overall development of the land and people. It will allow the party to focus on each and every sect and address and solve their problems. This is the superficial reason. All's good and fine till now.

But what is the underlining reason: Ask the Britishers, they know it from experience: "Divide and Rule". Any political party will have better control over many small states rather than ruling one large state. Mayawati, out of nowhere, will now control 4 different states (if the state is actually divided). This automatically translates into a bigger party ready to control the Centre. You see, India doesn't have a single party ruling the country. It's a coalition. And in a coalition, you have to listen to all the parties concerned - even if they is small, because numbers matter. Ask Congress about their relations with DMK and they will explain it better!! This kind of situation in the centre is apt for BSP, Mayawati's party. Once UP is divided, they will have the numbers and can then support one group of parties trying to form a coalition. Once the coalition is formed, trust me, BSP will have a big say on Centre's political decision-making - similar to what didi from Bengal has right now!!

Let's continue dividing our country!! It's cool, right? And given the fact that we are obsessed with milestones, we can even overtake US (with 50 states). Speaking of US, they are also trying to increase their number of states. We have tough competition guys!! Let's not lose focus and strive towards dividing our country for political gains.

Sad State of affairs.

PS: This is a sarcastic post as you might have already figured.

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  1. diversity without unity

    more states, more opinions, more chaos

  2. Sad, but true.. Its now diversity without unity!!

  3. I would sound very mean here but the country has better things to worry than UP. A state, how I see, completely driven by a one woman army. I find her and her strategies very radical and funny! If only dividing were to dissolve all administrative glitches!

  4. It is bound to destroy the secular fabric of India, who knows at this rate we will get splintered like the former USSR

  5. I was nodding my head in agreement after each line..Well said.

  6. @Rosun: I agree with you, there are lots of things that should have more priority than dividing states. But these problems are obvious and right on our face!! Making one's own statues is bizzare, dividing the state is just cherry on the top for them!!

    @Deguide: And it will destroy our nation!! We dont want India to become another USSR (we are exaggerated but who knows)..

    @Alka: Glad you are in agreement!! :)

  7. Reality is getting funny but in a tragic way...
    Great post!

  8. If it's really being done for the welfare of us citizen, it is acceptable. But we all know that is not the main motive for these politicians. God only has to save us from all these.

  9. @Ashwini: As of now, we don't have much option rather than to believe it's happening for the welfare of Indians.

  10. Good day! It was so fantastic to visit your blog and in particularly to read this blog entry. Also I would like to know one thing. Did you try guest blogging?

    1. Thanks buddy for visiting my blog. Also I havent tried guest blogging, infact not even thought about it, as of now.. :)


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