Friday, January 13, 2012

Small moments in life

The below mentioned experience is true to the best of whatever knowledge I have.

One day, in the evening, I was coming back home. There were many man-made barriers that I had to cross / survive to reach home. It happens everyday. You name it - traffic, road bumps, road search, driving on stuffs you feel are terrain-like, random tensions about work, life and many things. Coming back home in Mumbai is a challenge in itself. You feel you have contributed and given your all at work - and then you start your travel completely oblivious of the fact that the worst is yet to come!! That day was on the same lines.

Anyways, after getting down from the bus, I started walking back home, kinda relieved that the day is about to get over. I saw one guy riding a bike with his child (a 1-2 yr old boy). The boy was very happy, and there were valid reasons for that. The boy was holding a balloon and was playing with it. The father seemed happy too. So, we can guess that the boy might have been crying for a balloon and the father got it for him. There was a lot of honking happening (as is always the case in Mumbai - we hardly hear any birds chirping). I hate it when people start honking for no reason! They see a vehicle in front - they honk. They see a guy in front - they honk. Damn, they see a girl who's not even in front - they honk!
Amidst all this, the small boy lost control of his balloon and the balloon fell down on the road. And, needless to say, he started crying. His father stopped the bike. He, however, was unable to decide if he should get down and collect the balloon or he should just leave and a buy a new one. He stood there motionless while rickshaw's started piling up behind him. I was nearby. I don't know what happened, I just went right in the middle of the road (yeah right, my heroic moment), took the balloon and gave it to the boy. You should have seen the smile on his face when he got hold of his prized possession!! His father asked him to thank me. He said something - which I still think, resembles a 'Thank You'. Meanwhile, all the rickshaw's, that were behind the bike, didn't honk! YES! They didn't honk. They stood there waiting for the scene to get over! No one honked! Not a single machine moved. It was as if, for that moment, the world around me stood still!!

After all this got over, I continued my journey. The guy started his bike and they continued. The rickshaw-wallah's continued theirs. And the world was back to normal again.

There is a reason why I am writing this. I learnt a very valuable lesson. Maybe this had to happen with me as I was going through some tough times (self made, I guess). God's way of explaining life - I must add. You see, we all go through problems. Some earlier in their life, some later, and some throughout their lives. Some a little more than others. But problems are something no one can avoid. Even the wealthiest and the most powerful king will have his own problems to deal with. All you need is one small moment - just the way I had. The moment may not always come to you. Sometimes, you have to approach the moment yourself!! I was fortunate enough to approach the moment and experience it first-hand. Just look around. I bet something is happening which commands your attention.

Just grab the moment. And you won't regret it.

And here ends my philosophy. Back to life. And in search of that moment again!


  1. well said.
    and the others on the road who waited n did not get into a crazy honking spree, that's amazing. everyone's "nice side" on display at that moment i guess

    btw, honking even when no girl in front - lol

  2. Hey Binu! I visited your blog first time and read this post. Its amazing narration and incident. I found that you are enjoying by helping others. I also do the same. I also want a smile on everyone's face around me and in this world. I also make sometime foolishness to make people smile. Love your blog dear. Nice one.

  3. You'r a story teller man!Optimism tucked in a gripping story is indeed rare.

  4. @Sujatha - Thanks yaar :) And yes, that honking part is true!! It happens.. Donno why, but happens!!

    @Harshal - Thanks man! Am glad the first impression made a difference this time :D

    @Rohit - Quite a tag buddy.. I guess I am too early for that :) Thanks man..

  5. I think you paused time...:) It must be a delightful moment. As you rightly said, search the moment and we all do it everyday...

    A beautiful beautiful post, in fact, poetic...:)

  6. @Saru - Its an honor when a poet like you call this post 'poetic'. I must admit, it wasn't my intention though. Maybe a hidden poet somewhere in me!! :D

  7. People normally dont bother about the little stuffs about others...
    You have a good heart or else you wouldnt have done what you did.
    and about the honking for no matter what....I hate it!

  8. @Red - Abt a good heart, I'd rather call it instinct / gut feel.. As I mentioned in the post, I didn't know why I did it.. But now I know, I wrote a blog abt it :D

    About the honking - Ohh yes, I hate it too!!

  9. Wonderful thing you did dude. And very rightly said - grab the moment. Or seize the opportunity as I call it :)

  10. Thanks buddy.

    One more thing guys, I didn't write this post for self admiration. I just wanted to say that happiness is near us. We just have to look at things differently..

  11. Loved it... so simple yet profound... :) even i try to find the immense pleasure that's hidden in small moments such as these.

    Something similar happened with me a week back. was going to office on my bike and there was a puppy on the middle of the road and a car was heading towards it. Just parked my bike there and went and picked it up and carried it to the side of the road. the passersby though very few had stopped and watching. I just glanced at them and saw them smiling.
    That event just brightened my day. And its been more than a week and now that i remember it again, I'm again smiling. :)
    Thanks for sharing this moment and its magic with us.

  12. Hey, that's great Jasper!! Thanks for sharing buddy!! Not only you, the people who saw the deed left happily too :)

  13. A small step is all it takes to begin a bigger journey! Lovely read!

  14. Lovely write up, Binu. And excellent observation.

    It's great to see people around understanding a situation and resisting the urge to keep pushing (like the rickshawallas did). And it was a noble move by you to pick the balloon and hand it over to the child instead of conveniently overlooking the incident.

    It's times like these when we feel that the human is still stronger than the animal in us.

    1. Ohh yes Vishal, the human in us should always have priority over the animal in us.. :)

  15. Well written. We are not only promised good days, problems will always come..

    In Norway we never honk!! Can you belive it? We are so patient, haha

    Ps: I know that song you write about last week in my psalm, a very nice song.
    Why this is called a Challenge is because it is an open group where people from around the world can participate with their contributions to the week's psalm. There are the many such photographic challenges with other themes, such as Skywatch and weekend reflection.

    Wish you a blessed week:-)

    1. I didn't know abt Skywatch and weekend reflections Tania :)

  16. You would get to know how much Loved this post and now have to boot the laptop. :-)

    1. Hey thanks yaar for sharing this post on FB :) Now I know how much you loved this post :D

  17. Lovely post...:) Thanks for sharing....:) Of all the things, the boy's innocent smile is the best one...:)

  18. As I always say. It's the small things in Life that matter the most.
    I've been fortunate enough, like you, to have the smile of a child, change my day! I've had many such refreshing moments specially when I'm down.
    That's God's way of assuring us, I believe.
    Awesome :-)

  19. "Damn, they see a girl who's not even in front - they honk!"... dis one is the best... hahahhaha xD :P

  20. Really nice & refreshing post, very true indeed, we often fail to appreciate small joys in small moments of life, we always look for big things & big pleasures while ignoring the small moments which make life so beautiful.

  21. Believe me Binu da.. almost same happened with me few days back when i was at home..

    bachpan se padha tha ki bade logon ko road cross karani chaiye..
    or 24 saal baad us din pehli baar i did it.. & it was Godly moment for me..

    Hua yun.. I went to bank to open an account.. bank me kuch problems hui to i was a bit pissed on the whole fucking situation as "ki sala ye sab mere sath hi kyn hota hai?"

    I was coming back from bank to home.. On my way back i at one of the busiest crossroads.. i saw an old woman struggling to cross the road.

    meine side me scooter khada kiya.. daud kar aakar unka hath pakad ke road cross karayi & man what a feeling it was! i was relieved from all my tensions for once.. everything around me stopped for a moment.. i felt like a real hero.. though nobody around me even noticed my heroic action.. old woman was too old to say thank to me but i dint mind.. i did it for myself.. & felt good...

    It was actually filmy.. wished if there was a camera to capture all of it..
    its funny par me to ye bi soch ra tha ki shayad koi aishwarya rai ll see me doing this & she ll be impresses & i ll marry her later.. :P
    but nothing of that sort happened..

    i came back to my scooter.. kicked start it & went home.. but happy this time!!!! :P

    Happy Blogging! :)

  22. Wow Arpit!! Thats quite an experience.. I am happy you went through the same emotions!! :)


All yours..

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