Monday, May 30, 2011

Guest Post: Grievances of One - Hundred Rupee note.

Recently I saw a post from a dog written on this page. I went through it and realized that it can be a proper channel to address my grievances. I have a lot of them guys, but will only discuss a few of them. So, here I am - a Hundred rupee note.

I don't quite remember how I was born, as is the case with most of you humans. But yes, unlike you guys, we don't grow physically. We infact have our value reduced with every single day. Ever heard of the 'time value of money'? Who made this concept? One of you guys !! And needless to say, you guys use us... everytime !! Not that we feel bad about though - we are habituated.

I remember being kicked out of a machine - an ATM machine. I saw there were many of us being kicked out. Some of them had 1000 written on them, some had 500 written on them, and few of us - precisely 5 - had 100 written on them. 

First complaint - You humans have injected racism among our community. Notes, similar in stature, are very different in the value they carry. Infact we can even count the worth. Five notes of my caste equals one note of an upper caste, and 10 guys of my caste equals one guy of the supreme caste (till now). Notes having 1000 printed on them are of the supreme caste, and naturally, are egoistic. When we are in a wallet together, the owner keeps the 1000 rupee note either separately, or properly in the wallet unlike us. My caste notes are kept together. We have to adjust the place along with 10 rupee notes - by the way, they along with 5 rupee notes are of the lowest caste. The 1000 rupee note laughs at us every time, and cosily rests in its place whereas we have to bear the embarrassment. And who can blame them? No one. Who's mistake? Your mistake.

Second complaint - You humans prefer using us even when 5 and 10 rupee notes can be used. Everytime !! And then you lie to the other person saying "No change" !! Really? Please, for God's sake, remove these 5 and 10 rupee notes when you have change. They are 'change', we are not. When you buy a bus ticket, you flash me in front of the conductor as if we don't have any respect !! To make matters worse, even the conductor insults us by refusing us. What the @#$^ !! Show us some respect guys !!

Third complaint - We are used mainly for bribing. You skip a signal and when you are caught, you flash us again. Atleast, on this occasion, the receiver doesn't disrespect us. Infact, he asks for more notes of my caste. I quite like it though. But the point is, why are we involved in bribing? Use the notes of the supreme caste, can't you? Flash one, and you are through. In our circles, we are considered as the most corrupt lot. And who's mistake? Your mistake.
However, there are people among you who still respects us to the core. Unfortunately, those are the people who yearns for us. But the fact remains, they are unable to have us. Your society terms them as poor, under-privileged, and they live below the poverty line. They are insulted by their society, just like we are. Situation is just the same for us. Don't misunderstand our silence. We are hurt, disturbed and don't know where to go. All we are asking you is to please use us sensibly like your grand parents and your parents did. They saved us so that you guys can have your way. 

And remember, you need us, we don't need you !!



  1. A different post... Great writing..

  2. Man Man Man... a totally different kind of writing! loved it! u deserved to be in the tangy tuesday picks

  3. Thanks a lot 'Red Handed' for the feedback.. And glad to be part of the Tangy Tuesday picks along with your post !! :)

  4. Interesting post.. something to be given a thought at :)

  5. Thanks 'Defiant Princess' :)

  6. super like.. that's a wonderful one..

  7. I have commented on your post once before. You pick on the most unusual of topics and weave thought-provoking posts around them. Great writing Binu :)

  8. Thanks Zephyr... :) Feels great to be appreciated by you :)


All yours..

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