Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Those good old days...

Not so long ago..

Getting up late.. Rushing through daily activities.. Literally running out of the house to catch the bus.. Checking for that most important 'missed call' from a close friend of mine (my closest buddy).. Altering my pace based on the timing of his missed call.. Calling him to stop the bus so that I could catch it.. Entering the bus gasping for breath.. Seeing the 'wish-I-could-just-kill-you' expression from those who were not my friends.. My friends bad-mouthing me for being late.. And I finally sit!!

This is how my day started in those times. And guess what, it had just begun!!

I had a great gang of friends in those times (Don't get me wrong.. I am still in touch).. Travelling daily with them used to be loads of fun. And I mean it!! Mornings used to be more leg-pulling (metaphorically), teasing guys with girls, girls with guys, guys with guys (we were quite ahead of our times), discussing coding (yea sometimes), eating (even if we have just had our breakfast), celebrating birthdays, cakes, birthday-bumps, sometimes even decorating the bus to celebrate the birthday, laughing out loud (when most of the 'non-friends' are sleeping), asking 'non-friends' to adjust so that all friends can sit together.. the list is just endless!!

Evenings used to be the most happening one - dumb charades used to happen almost every day!! Just imagine the plight of 'non-friends' when they come back tired after a hard day's work, and just need some rest and we are playing!! Honestly, we never cared!! And they hardly cared to object.. Maybe they thought of us as a group of child-like adults going to office..  And you know the type of movies - obviously the ones we haven't even heard of, and chances are that we may not even hear of it again!! The expression on the face of the enactor is priceless when s/he hears the name of the movie and says, "There's no such movie. I haven't even heard of it" and the others say, "Yes, there is.  I just saw the movie yesterday on Zee Cinema!!".. I miss those days..

Back to today's life..

Morning travel: I reach my stop on time, wait for the bus, start reading newspaper, get on the bus, scan the paper thoroughly (its become more of a habit now), listen to music, wait for the destination to arrive..

Evening travel: Music again, open twitter app, check the latest happenings around the world and what people are tweeting, reply to some of the tweets, tweet something, wait for the destination to arrive..

So what's the point - why am I writing all this?

First and foremost, let me just say that I am enjoying my current phase of life - by God's grace. Marriage is a fantastic phase!! People say that it's always greener on the other side - I say, I am on the other side!!

It's just that, the other day, I saw a new group of friends doing almost the same activities we used to do those days. Laughing, talking, eating, leg-pulling, having fun. More importantly, they were disturbing me and my reading!! I didn't object because I thought of them as a group of child-like adults going to office!! That's when reality dawned on me. I can't even start to imagine what my 'non-friends' used to go through when we had fun. More importantly, I realized I had a phase with my friends, and now I have a phase with my family!! When I was with my bus-gang, I felt it should remain this way for ever. And now, I feel my current phase should remain for ever!! All my bus-gang mates (except 2) are now married and are in the same phase I am - so I am sure they'll understand this. After all, they all are friends for life!!

Bottom line: Every phase should end for a new phase to emerge. And when you start settling down in the current phase...

...Life just happens!!

PS: I haven't named anyone in this post purely to hide their identities.


  1. I dont know what phase I am in. Different gang at different places and havign a real hard time to keep in touch with. But you know what is the best part? These buds never even get angry if you dont keep in touch. Even if you call them after 2 mths or so, they talk like you have always been in touch with them.

    Nostalgic post!

  2. :) i loved the line when you said i am on the other side....good to read a man say, marriage is good :) otherwise, mostly they complain....hats off binu :) and well, you may have found another friend in your wife...

    cheers :)

  3. @Red: If you are more close to friends, then you are the phase I was.. Glad to know you are still in touch with your friends.. Life is incomplete without friends yaar!!

    @Chintan: Even I love that line too yaar!! I swear I made it up :D And my wife is my best friend and my biggest critique, so you are absolutely correct!!

    @Magiceye, Harish: Thanks guys!! Cheers..

  4. Nostalgic...You are right about the phases. I'm in nomadic phase right now. Enjoyed and felt this post!

  5. @Saru: Nomadic phase huh?? Cool!!

  6. well...what i liked most is when you say that you do miss those old days butttttt at the same time even you are enjoying your current phase too....i mean this is how it should be......

    but you must agree that those days were really fabulous....isn't it....???

    i am glad to be here, following you now...BTW thanks for the visit n comment...much appreciated...plz do come again....

  7. Its always like that, the fun college days... I wonder how you would behave if whole of your bus gang travels now!!! Would you not be transported to the good old days??

  8. @Irfan: Life is meant to be enjoyed the right way.. Thanks for reading buddy..

    @Arti: A time travel?? Would love to yaar!!

  9. yu say Marriage is a fantastic phase!!....
    well,God bless

  10. Every phase should end for a new phase to emerge. And when you start settling down in the current phase..:) nicely penned

  11. @Nikhimenon: Yes it is doctor!! Thanks a lot for the wishes :)

  12. interesting post...

    old days never come...


  13. You've noted human tendency so very well. We get into a good phase and we would want to stay there for all eternity even w/o wanting to know what the other phases have in store. Nicely written :-)

  14. Hey Ashwini.. Its all because we all are too concerned (or maybe scared) abt entering into unchartered territory!! :)

  15. Reading through your post was pure nostalgic bliss. Lived your fun days while reading thru your post and then again relived my fun days too. I'm away from my friends and yes very much in touch w/ them but still feel that it would have been wonderful if they were near me. Its jus been more than a year since i came out of the fun phase and not yet entered the marriage phase. So i'm stuck in the middle of a happy past and clueless future. I think i"m in the " Dunno-where-i-am" phase. hope whatever is in store next comes soon enough.


  16. Thanks Jasper, glad you liked it :)


All yours..

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