Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Christmas without Christ.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Here's the reason why we celebrate Christmas (which I am sure you all know - but I have to make a point). Its a day when Jesus Christ (God's own son) was born. He was born to Joseph and Virgin Mary. He came as the solution to all the problems that people faced here on Earth. He is our Saviour who eventually sacrificed himself for our sins.

However, now-a-days, Christmas is more popular by the term X-MAS. Which is a fancy word to celebrate holidays and the marketers love it too. X-MAS consumes less space in any marketing collateral and there's more space for other stuffs like discounts etc. But theologically, I find it absurd. If you remove Christ from Christmas, there is no Christmas left to celebrate!
Now that I have made my point (short and pretty straight-forward), here's the crib that was made in our Church. The ground underneath is actual grass and not made of plastic. The crib has baby Jesus in the center surrounded by Joseph and Mother Mary, shepherds, 3 wise men and animals. Looks cool, isn't it?

Camera: Samsung Wave GT8500. Click on image for full screen view
Merry Christmas again everyone. Relive Jesus Christ's birth, its importance & significance in our lives and spread the joy that comes along with it!!

And eat lotsa cakes too.

PS: Different types of cakes served.. I feel like I am in the testing team today. And wait, they are actually calling me out.. I just cannot disappoint them today.. Got to go..


  1. haha i am sure that christmas was changed to xmas by a guy who loved texting ;)

  2. Nice post on Christmas Binu.
    Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas :)

  3. yes binu.

    no chrsit no christmas.

    see my take on Jesus christs burth place

  4. This is a great post and true! Happy and blessed Christmas to you:-)

  5. I competely agree with you...these days all festivals are being taken over by the marketers...who just want people to buy more including the shops. Good post, Happy Christmas to you and your family....God Bless...:)

  6. Merry Christmas bro :) Send me cake and wine pls :P

  7. Belated Christmas wishes and happy new year!

  8. Merry Christmas everyone!! :)

    @Sawan - am thinking of sending you some pics :D

  9. Merry Christmas (bit late but still)& Happy New Year Binu :)

    oh yes, the crib looks cool

  10. well i have to say u do have a point whats the point of christmas if u take out christ from the suttle humor...

  11. Belated Merry Christmas Binu. You know everything is so fancy these days, Di for didi. You are right when there is no Christ in Christmas, it takes away the soul...

  12. Belated Merry Christmas to you too Saru :)

  13. Belated Christmas greetings! Interesting post!Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  14. your words,the Christmas occasion ..reminds me of words I used to hear from principal sister in my Convent School-the spirit of Christmas,the message it gives!
    And every time I look at your pic,it reminds me of T.M Dilshan of Srilanka!remove those spectacles and a striking resemblance,I find:)

  15. Thanks guys :) And Rohit - I will take it as a compliment buddy :)

  16. Hahaha.. hope u hd a fabulous Christmas n a fabulous time testin cakes :)

    This really comes across as a post thts close to ur heart n u really feel fr this one.. n u're very right - things hv come to a case whr festivities r known today fr the commercialization they present rather thn the spirit of the day...

    Hope u hd a blast fr Christmas n fr New Year.. Have a gr8 one, Binu!! :)

  17. What a refreshing post this is! Just stumbled upon your blog while visiting mutual blogging friend, Spiderdama. Nice to meet you. Christmas blessings to you all year long!

    1. Thanks for visiting my page :) Best wishes to you too :)

  18. well Binu, just to share that X-mas has nothing to shortening the long version. please search Chi, and then you will discover that Chi is Christ in Greek. Therefore, other's remain a myth. I am sure you will do some research, though I can explain here, but i would love that you should search by yourself... Stay blessed my brother

  19. Hi Binu, just a short comment; Jesus is mentioned as Chi in Greek. please do search and write more on your blog. I can explain, but would love that you should share your research, since this is your blog... Stay blessed my brother...


All yours..

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