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Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari – What it means?

From Kimi Raikkonen’s comeback in Formula 1 with Lotus F1 two years ago to speculation of replacing Mark Webber in Red Bull to finally making a return with Ferrari, it was a turbulent journey. If there were some critics who felt Raikkonen has gone past his best, he proved them wrong. With Lotus, he proved he can still scare the Vettel’s and Hamilton’s of the F1 world.

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The F1 world is visibly shaken post Raikkonen's news of joining Ferrari. So much so that Lotus' twitter account didn't take it lightly. To state that it hurts a little is an understatement considering the image they shared. The F1 world will be very different next season. Raikkonen to Ferrari has the capability to change the season right on its head. Many drivers and teams will be impacted - positively and negatively –
  1. Felipe Massa: One day before Raikkonen was announced as Alonso’s partner, Massa decided to leave Ferrari at the end of this season. Whether he was forced to make the decision or was it solely his decision, no one can tell. Anyways, a lot of decisions are made on behalf of him by the team (Alonso is faster than you, for example). However, I personally feel Massa needs a change of scenery. You cannot be a perennial #2 in the team. Now, Massa has the opportunity to work with a mid-team and help develop the team to grow. Teams who can benefit from Massa’s experience – Lotus, Force India, Sauber, Torro Rosso.

  2. Lotus F1: Big loss for Lotus F1, in my opinion. They have lost a star in Kimi Raikkonen. Now, they have two options in front of them. One, go for a rookie driver and completely change their strategy. Two, replace Kimi with one of the established drivers in the market. However, with the other top drivers already settled in their respective teams, they will find it difficult to replace Kimi. The best option at this point for Lotus is to approach Felipe Massa. He will certainly be tracked by other teams and he may even commit himself early so as to avoid risking last minute rush to drive for next season. The other option, a very interesting one at that, is Robert Kubica. Anyone remember him? He has already returned to racing through Rally. I feel, it’s just about time for his return to F1!

  3. Ferrari F1: I have mixed feeling about this one. I must admit, whatever driver changes happen in 2014, Ferrari will have the best driver line-up of them all! In that regard, they will be the team to watch and will provide perfect competition to Red Bull. The concern I have is, Ferrari have never had two top drivers in their line-up. Or maybe, they had 2 top drivers, but they clearly demarcated them as #1 and #2 so as to assist one of them to win the driver’s championship and the team to win the constructors. We are talking about two egos clashing here - ice and spice in the same team. Imagine this – Alonso allowing Kimi to pass him during the race so that Kimi can catch Vettel in the drivers championship? Difficult to imagine, huh?

  4. Kimi Raikkonen: 2nd best decision for Kimi Raikkonen. I personally would have loved Kimi to join Red Bull. But somehow it didn't work out and he joined the only team that can compete with the Red Bulls. Kimi is at the 2nd half (or last quarter) of his career. He will fancy himself winning races consistently and competing for the championship. Honestly, I don’t think Lotus can fulfill this dream. They are, at best, a mid-table team with a top driver doing his best to ensure the team competes with the top ones.

  5. Fernando Alonso: This is where it gets more interesting. Why will Ferrari allow Raikkonen to join Ferrari when they already have Alonso? Is it to challenge Alonso to further improve? Maybe. Is it some kind of contingency planning? Is Alonso looking at other alternatives? You never know when it comes to Formula 1. Very few drivers have been loyal to their team. Likewise, very few teams have been loyal to their drivers.
So, all the Raikkonen fans, rejoice! The current season is still not done and dusted but the 2014 season has already started buzzing. Let’s brace ourselves for a driver merry-go-round and a wonderful 2014 season.

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  1. Good one binu. the fans are the biggest beneficiary, to see the flamboyant Alonso and the person who is completely opposite to him together in the same team is a great spectacle. In my view its best for Ferrari -

    first, the new partnership will propel competition and bring in a lot of upgrades.

    the strategy will be more technical in nature, no more will Ferrari try to favour one of the two racers (though they deny this)

    Also Alonso will be more exploratory in his approach and not just think how to beat Vettle.

    And if at all they do gel well together, this will be the best partnership in F1 in a very very long time.

    1. Thanks Amit. Partnership will be better for Ferrari if they completely change their approach to F1. Alonso, meanwhile will not be fully secure in his car and I wont be surprised if he looks elsewhere (McLaren maybe).

  2. Yes indeed! The person impacted most in the whole F1 circuit (apart from Kimi himself), is Alonso. There were talks of him wanting to move to Red Bull, and as you rightly pointed out, this may be insurance.

    But it will be very interesting to see how these two drivers slug it out in the same team.

    1. I personally would love to listen to this statement sometime next season - "Alonso, Kimi is faster than you" :D

      Will be awesome for Kimi fans!

  3. Informative post. I have been away from F1 for a couple years now. Seems like a good time to again follow the races.

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