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Book Review: Silver is for Secrets

Silver is for Secrets is the 3rd part of the series "Blue is for Nightmares". Its a supernatural  series of books revolving around the main protagonist Stacey and her nightmares. She has a knack of foreseeing future (usually the unfortunate events) and tries her level best to prevent the event from happening. This book is about her experiences with her friends and a stranger named Clara while taking a summer break.

Judging a book by its cover -

Who should read this book -
  1. Supernatural / Mystery book lovers
  2. Readers with a special corner for thrillers
  3. If you haven't read the previous 2 parts of this series, you can still read this as not much is carried forward from previous two. And the aspects that are carried forward, you will get a gist of the same in the first few pages of this book.
Whats the story like - Stacey, with 5 of her friends, decide to relax post their school days. They rent out a beach cottage. All her friends are related to each other in some ways. This is how Stacey describes the relationship - "Chad and I are exes. Chad is dating Drea. I am dating Jacob. We're all vacationing under one roof". Despite the apparent confusion, they are apparently all at ease and have moved on. Stacey has a mystic power. She can predict the future (always negative events like death) of a person by simply feeling the other person (like a handshake, the vibrations, aura etc). Her nightmares help her in decoding the ways and means the danger will happen. The same power is also with Jacob, Stacey's boyfriend. The friends encounter an unknown girl, named Clara, and Stacey immediately comes to know that Clara's life is in danger. She decides to help despite Clara's flirting nature. Drea and Amber, though hate Clara, decides to support Stacey in her pursuit to protect Clara. Meanwhile, Jacob is hiding secrets from Stacey. Is it to help her or is it against her? How will Stacey help Clara? Or is there something more to the mystery? - forms the rest of the story.

Hows the writing - Simple, clear and a single person account of events that happen. The author has woven a wonderful story which leads us to a point where we start doubting certain people and the climax literally caught me off-guard! The characters are sufficiently described and all are different from others. They are shown as somewhat immature and is understandable since they are in their teens. Their sub-stories also gel well with the overall story-line. It will take the reader sometime to realize if the story is actually moving ahead or if it's one of Stacey's dream. The nightmarish events are described wonderfully by the author. The story manages to divert the reader till the climax. Personally, I loved the climax and the way was written.

So, What do I think - Must grab a copy! If you are part of the target audience mentioned above, then its a must read for you. I see no reason why you will regret reading this book. I am now eager to read the other part of the series (by the way, there are 5 of them).. Gosh! Too much on the pending item's list now.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5


  1. Wow..sounds like a great book ! And I am always into mysteries ! Will definitely get a copy

    1. If you are into mysteries, you will love this.

  2. Seems to be an interesting read. I will try to get hold of this one, thanks for reviewing.

  3. Only regret not enough time to read:(

  4. Thriller novels require so much of effort to keep the reader tuned in. This seems to have done that perfectly.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Ashwini when I was reading this book. It is really difficult to connect the edges in a mystery novel. One loose thread and the reader will immediately catch it!

  5. Nah, not for me. A good review though, Binu.

  6. Wonderful review Binu, glad you enjoyed the book. I am liking the sound of this one, sounds quite intriguing. Should grab a copy for myself.


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