Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book Review: My Beloved's MBA plans.

My Beloved's MBA plans is a series of short stories of people from different backgrounds with a common dream - to pursue MBA. Its written by Disha Chhabra who has personally interviewed the people and their families. The book describes the hurdles those people went through before pursuing their dream (MBA).

Judging a book by its cover -

Who should read this book -
  1. Aspiring MBA graduates, especially those who are working currently
  2. Mid life crisis regarding your career, this book can inspire you.
What's the story like - Following are some of the situations mentioned in this book: A husband, who has a decent job and lives with his wife and 4 month old twins, decides to give MBA a try. A recently divorced lady decides to do executive MBA primarily to divert her focus and in the process meets a guy with whom she decides to spend the rest of her life with. A man leaves his family business to concentrate on his career. A lady's only commitment before marrying was that she will stay with her husband and will not try to look elsewhere for job / higher studies, decides to get herself registered for executive MBA. And so on.. 

How's the writing - The author has adopted the interview mode to convey the story. The story starts with a brief introduction of the people, their hurdle to pursue MBA and how they achieved it. Then you have a descriptive account of the story. Author has ensured that none of the story goes into dragging mode. So much so that each story is not more than 6-7 pages. Also, I get a feeling that the book was rushed into publishing without proper proof-reading. This could be the difference between one of the best book on the shelf and as 'also-published' one.

So, what do I think - The book is an interesting read and will truly cater to and inspire people it targets. The issues mentioned are the ones because of which many executives decide not to get back to academics and enhance their skill. It covers family issues, joint family issues, pregnancy, divorce, love life, leaving lucrative jobs, high paying jobs etc. Since the book caters to a select few (considering the super set of reading audience), not many will prefer to grab this book. Author will do well if she promotes the book more using the executive MBA programmes platform, which I believe she's already doing.

My Rating: 2.5 / 5


  1. This sure appears to be an interesting one, Binu:)

  2. Not about the book, but I feel MBA is becoming very overrated, to the extent that people judge a person by his MBA degree irrespective of whether the degree is from a third rated institute.

    1. Given the current market scenario, I agree with you Ashwini. However, in the long run, a post graduate degree will surely add a lot of value Ashwini.. And you are right, the quality of the college matters a lot!

  3. I somehow find it interesting, specially the fact that she has mentioned personal problems. I agree on better editing.

    1. Maybe we are in such a rush to release the book before a set timeline, we just tend to ignore factors like proof reading..


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