Saturday, September 28, 2013

PhotoBlog: Picturesque Konkan..

Konkan is known for its greenery. It's still one of the area not fully 'exploited' by mankind. Such is the state of affairs that now-a-days, anything green is considered beautiful! I suggest we enjoy it while it lasts.

Following are some of the pics I took en route to Goa from Mumbai via train - 

Oh, and by the way, some Goa pics are on the way too!


  1. Konkan is the most beautiful (internationally) undiscovered place as a monsoon destination !!

    1. Wah Vaibhav. Welcome to my blog yaar :)

  2. Lush! Rolling greenery from a train is one of my favourite sights, thanks for posting.

  3. Konkan Coast is a really nice picturesque place, we had a bike trip there in this monsoon.

    My travelogue of our konkan trip:


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