Sunday, January 01, 2012

Part 2 - Bollywood movies in 2011 that made me think.

You can read Part 1 of the series here. Let's move on to the next 5 in the list:

6. Chillar Party -
Class apart. Awesome. One of the best movies ever. Made me remember my childhood cricket days. Made me recollect the way my team used to lose the matches and the (weird) tactics we made to win it. The songs are catchy, situations - light, humorous and cause based. If you have somehow missed this movie, you have missed something really significant in 2011 and should immediately correct your mistake before the year is done and dusted.

7. Zindagi na milegi dobara -
A Dil Chahta hai'esque type of movie. You have five actors with different style of working together and all 5 play their role perfectly. This movie made me feel I need to go to Spain and / or do atleast one stunt with my friends. Which, by the way, we will do. The only thing stopping us from the month long holiday is money. Once that is achieved significantly, we'll be on our way!

8. I am Kalam -
Another child oriented movie. A movie where a child aspired to be our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Two different classes of society is shown and a budding friendship between 2 innocent children who are unaware of casteism prevailing in the society and how their friendship ensures they remain together during their childhood. "I am Kalam" proves that one only needs to aspire to become great. Dream and it shall happen. And in case you haven't seen, its a must watch movie.

9. Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster -
Watch this movie only for the story. Although all the actors have performed remarkably well. Every 15-20 minutes will provide you with new twists and the last twist happens in the last dialogue!! That's how intriguing this movie is. Another must watch.

10. The Dirty Picture -
Performace packed. Highest grossing woman-oriented movie so far (overtook 'Fashion'). Role that comes only once in a while. Not many actresses would have risked their careers the way Vidya Balan did. And boy, did she perform? Yes, The Dirty Picture is not a family oriented movie. There are many, I know, who thinks that this movie is close to 'soft-porn' and is leading the industry towards a not-so-pleasant future. Vidya Balan's role in Ishqiya was awesome and here she has overtaken the benchmark she herself set in Ishqiya. Watch out for this lady! She could be the next Tabu of Indian cinema!

As you might have observed, some were commercial successes at box-office and some came & left and deserved more than what it actually got. I have not included movies that Bodyguard, Delhi Belly, Singham, Ra.One and the likes as they didn't provoke me to think - it was fultoo timepass. I am sure many won't agree with me and I respect that.

And yes, you are right, I think a lot! :)


  1. havent seen most of d movies tho chillar party does sound very intrstin.
    n yes i completelyyyyy agree wid ur tk on stanley ka dabba. i luvd luvd luvddddd it! :)

  2. Chillar Party is a must watch!! Multiple times Sadiya...

  3. Have seen DP picture out of these...I think I will see CP as you are recommending that...

  4. Dint watch much of bollywood stuff this year.. But would surely love to catch up with Chillar party and stanley ka dabba in this year sometime!

  5. @Saru - Watch CP.. You wont regret!! :)

    @Arti - Nice choice :)

  6. Ajaj, I never watch movies.. I just fell a sleep..:-)

    Best wishes and blessings to you for 2012!
    And thanks for all your nice comments.

  7. good names. perfectly picked out films. have watched TDP & ZNMD. will watch the rest - promise to self :)

  8. I am yet to watch I am all were super good!! Why do I not see Shaitan listed here? Let me check the previous post :P

  9. And what were those weird tactics to win those childhood matches?:)

  10. @Sujatha - Nice resolution!! :D

    @Chintan - I havent seen Shaitan yaar.. Missed it somehow!! How could I? But will watch it soon..

    @Rohit - Yaar, bahut kuch karte the re tab.. Lotsa tactics that I am not proud of!! :D

  11. Chillar Party and Zindagi Na milegi Dubara. I completely agree. They were great movies. As I said earlier, the main essence is simple,and they've portrayed it very well.

    Man, you do think a lot :-)

  12. Thanks Ashwini :) Yes, I think a lot and hence I missed out on some movies too :D


All yours..

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