Sunday, January 01, 2012

Part 1 - Bollywood movies in 2011 that made me think.

I agree, that's a rarity now-a-days.

There was a time when movie reviewers used to call a movie a 'no brainer'. Today, actors & directors openly promote the movie as a 'no brainer' and 'fultoo entertainment'! Among all these movies that were released in 2011, there were some thought-provoking movies as well. Some got few attention and left the theatres early, some were commercial movies and made profits.

Here are some of the movies that actually made me think!! The movies are arranged based on their release dates and is not a ranking. If I have missed out some movies in the list, it's only because I haven't seen them or I didn't find them interesting:
1. Yeh Saali Zindagi -
Cult movie. That's the only way you can define it. I love the way Sudhir Mishra makes his movies. And amazing story and dialogues!

2. 7 Khoon Maaf -
Most of us didn't understand this movie. Most of us found it too dark to relate to. Few of us who actually understood the movie inside out know they have actually experienced a gem of a movie!! Vishal Bhardwaj adapted Ruskin Bond's novel to the 'T'. One movie that improved the maturity level in Bollywood.

3. Chalo Dilli -
Now, I know people will have serious differences with me regarding this movie. The movie's a fun watch, unusual pairing, great acting and an interesting end. Not that we have not seen such an end. The point is, I have seen it for the first time this year.

4. Stanley ka Dabba -
I like something about child movies - movies based on children. Maybe its Innocence, maybe simplicity, maybe reality explained in a very light hearted way. Stanley ka Dabba is one of them. It shows the life of a boy (Stanley) and why he does what he does in the movie. Simple, isn't it?

5. Pyaar ka Punchnama -
Yes. All the soup boys will enjoy this movie. And I am sure all the boys in love, live-in, married will relate to it. It's a funny take on relationships (youth oriented). One of the reasons why this movie succeeded was due to "Viral Marketing". Some scenes are so hilarious that people started sharing it on Facebook. It became a surprise hit of 2011.

I wanted to write a single post having my top 5 movies of the year. But I must say Bollywood has matured by little more than I expected in 2011. And thanks to them, I will have to include a new post.

Do check Part 2 of the series here.


  1. I haven't seen any of these. But I agree we are far more mature as an audience. I am checking someone's blog and she gave Singham no. 1 ranking. Now, I don't have words for that...

  2. I agree Saru. Movies should convey something to the audience. Message can be hidden, but there should be some message!!

  3. i feel so bad not having watched stanley ka dabba yet. i must get hold of that movie. For Amole Gupte

  4. I haven't watched most of didn't mention Shaitan :( Watch that movie BINUUUUU

  5. @Sujatha - You better watch that movie!! Class written all over it..

    @Chintan - I didnt watch Shaitan yaar.. Missed it!! Now I have a new year resolution :D

  6. I've watched Stanley Ka Dabba. I just luved it. It was so nice to see simple thoughts conveyed beautifully


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