Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Whose Lokpal is it anyway?

Lokpal bill came to the limelight. Amidst fasting, Government promised to pass a 'strong' Lokpal. Congress lost in some key constituencies presumably because Team Anna were against Congress. Government decided to discuss and pass Lokpal bill in the winter session of the Parliament. Somehow someway Lok Sabha passed the bill. The proverbial final frontier was the Rajya Sabha. What happened?

Some say its mockery. Some call it cheating. Some think everything was staged. Congress says BJP didn't allow the bill to be passed. BJP says Congress had a weak Lokpal which cannot be passed. Trinamool Congress wants Lokayukta clause to be eliminated. Others want reservation. Everyone wanted a share of the pie. And everyone is blaming everyone else for the debacle!

Just a query: Isn't our constitution - of the people, for the people and by the people? Where are the 'people' in all this mess? Arun Jaitley is partly right. The last day of Rajya Sabha was orchestrated. But what he failed to mention was that it was a joint effort by all the parties actively involved that day!

Congress has been in power for the last 2 terms. They chances of continuing for another term seems bleak with all the black money issue, corruption in commonwealth games, 2G etc. If the Lokpal bill was passed and implemented subsequently, then most of their politicians will be fighting corruption cases and eventually behind bars. No doubt about it! It's all about the blame game now. Result will remain the same. Congress wants to make hay while the sun shines.

BJP has lost the last 2 terms and had nothing on their radar to fight for. They had their own leadership issues. They didn't have a leader who can stand for PM. Even their leader Nitin Gadkari doesn't have any PM ambitions. Others who want to be PM, have a tainted past. BJP also have their share of scams to boast of. When BJP was going through their internal mess, Anna entered the scene. Though Anna doesn't belong to any political party (as is being proclaimed), Anna's actions decimated the Congress and thereby gave BJP a glimmer of hope and a reason for survival. Though BJP wants to have a strong Lokpal bill and is clearly following Anna, most of their own politicians will be behind bars if a strong Lokpal is implemented.

The other parties want to make a name for themselves on the national stage. They have their own personal mandates and reasons why the current Lokpal bill is not a strong one. Removal of Lokayukta, reservations for example. Period.

Then there are some politicians (handful of them) who genuinely wants a strong Lokpal. But, as is always the case in a democracy, majority matters.

No politician worth his (adulterated) salt would like to kill a hen that lays golden eggs! Its a profession where power is everything and money is just an added benefit. If Lokpal is introduced and if we assume Lokpal carries out its tasks honestly (big assumption), then, as Anna said, most of the politicians will be behind bars and we won't have a government to run our country.

Now, coming back to the basic question - Will Jan Lokpal bill ever be passed?

Call me a pessimist. I am afraid, Lokpal bill will not be passed given the current situation and known variables (mentioned above). If at all the bill gets passed, take my word - it will be for a new variable (situation) that we are not aware of. It may even be for winning brownie points for the general elections. Who knows! Atleast the people who should have mattered, don't!

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  1. I am an Optimist and even if the Jan Lokpal bill doesn't passed I believe there will be change, even if it is a minor one, atleast a start is what matters in some cases. If not all, atleast some politicians and bureaucrats will feel the heat. Hoping for a better India...:)

  2. Binu I am a strong believer of law in our country doesn't serve much purpose. You can call me a pessimist. BTW, I loved the way you wrote second paragraph. A well researched post. You justified your stand very well...

  3. @Prashanth - Politicians are feeling the heat yaar!! In that case, the damage has already been done!! You are right, we all can feel the change happening in the form of citizen awakening!! Politicians cannot take us lightly anyone (I guess)..

    @Saru - In this case, even I feel like a pessimist yaar.. As I mentioned, something other than what's currently happening should emerge.. Something we are not aware of..

  4. People are making a mockery of our system. Pathetic to see the ways and measures people resort to just to prove a point. even if Lokpal is passed, it wouldn't be a strong one. As you said, there are a few souls who are for a strong lokpal, but they are overshadowed by other corrupt people.

  5. One good post on Lokpal and it is set to become a Jokepal with the seriousness it is being pursued:) Anyway most of the Bills passed are not even worth the paper on which they have been put on with flagrant violations all around!

  6. Its a clear case of portraying something and having a totally different intention towards it!!


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