Sunday, May 15, 2011

Guest Post: Its a dog's life, after all !!

Bow wow everyone.. First of all, the owner of this site needs to thank me as I am his first guest blogger. I read his Termite Blog (we are from the same kingdom: Animal kingdom) and was quite impressed but his way of writing could have been better. That's why I thought, I will write this post instead of the author.

Anyways, I used to be one of the luckier dogs among our community, as I was adopted by a rich family. As is always the case with rich dogs, I had my own room, my own servant, my own washroom. In fact, my standard of living was better than the average person out there on the street. My master used to leave for work every morning in his car and then my madam leaves for shopping in her own car. Once this is done, I used to become the owner and frequently bow wowed all the servants. After scaring the hell out, they used to play my favorite movie: 101 Dalmatians. So many dogs in one movie and I am still better than them. I used to love this feeling. Those were the days!!

And then it happened.
One day, when my master and madam left for their respective work, I decided to venture out of MY HOME. I went outside my compound bow wowing every person I saw on the road. I was the king of the area, or so I believed. When I reached a junction on the road, I saw many dogs, malnourished I must say, staring at me. I didn't understand the signal and proudly started walking on the (their) road trying to make them feel jealous. They started barking at me. I still didn't get the signal. One of them started running towards me. Though I was stronger than him, I still had to retreat because I was alone. I started running away from him. I reached another road. There were some other dogs who did the same thing as the first ones. I had to run away from them too. This happened for 4-5 times.

Finally, I found a place with no dogs in sight. But I lost track of MY HOME. I was running for about 30 minutes non-stop. That's when reality dawned on me. I lost my place, my servants, my own washroom, my life, in a way. I started cursing myself for venturing out of my comfort place. I had everything a dog, or for that matter - a man, ever needs and more. I was once a rich dog, and now, the adjective 'rich' no longer applies to me.

I became a stray dog.

I wandered for a new home, hoping against hope that some rich family will see me, realize that I am not a stray dog and will adopt me. But to no avail. Some stray dogs were generous enough to include me in their 'group'. I bow wowed with them trying to understand their dialect. I then realized that I had an accent. My immediate concern after becoming a stray dog was food. I was told that I will have to wander for food all the while. Food, relationships (if you know what I mean), sleep and survival are the four facets of our life. I believe its not that different for you humans too. Anything wasted by you guys become our food. Relationships - well, lets just say we believe in PDA's. Sleep - anywhere in "OUR AREA". And survival - We sleep as if there is no tomorrow. Which means, we do everything we can to make us happy and sleep as if nothing else is remaining to do. There's one more reason - We are not sure if we'll actually wake up. You humans have a habit of killing / hurting anyone less powerful than you.

From my madam's lap to Mother Earth's lap, Life has come full circle for me. I no longer wait for my master / madam to come and pick me. I am satisfied and self sufficient. I have like-minded dogs with me. We have, what we call, "OUR AREA" which we demarcate differently with Pride and no shame. I like it this way.

I wrote this article just to inform the readers of the lessons I learnt throughout the journey:
  1. Life is not always about comfort and Luxuries.
  2. Its not about the word "MY", Its about "OUR".
  3. Every day is a new day with new challenges and opportunities. Enjoy it.
  4. God will make a way and he will provide.
  5. Every dog will have his day.


  1. That was a very good read!! Funny in a way...but the thoughts intended are great!!!
    and a very good perspective to look at life..

  2. Hey thanks Cindrella for the comments :) Am happy that popular 'names' are commenting on my post :D

  3. I agree with you Magiceye.. Indeed :)

  4. A fun light thing with an important message in the end..The perfect formula..And you carried it very well..:)

    And I'm following you..:)

  5. Thanks Amar :) So, you came to know my formula huh !! :)

  6. Even if i did..I don't think i can carry it the way you did..;)

  7. Every formula comes with an assumption ;-) Atleast thats what they teach us in Science...
    I am sure you have a different formula.. and can come up with a different perspective of this same story :)

  8. stray or domestic, I love dogs!


All yours..

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