Monday, May 16, 2011

Ohhh it's you?? I was calling someone else.. Sorry..

Haven't we heard this line frequently?? Someone calls a certain someone, and by mistake, calls you. You go through a plethora of stages and emotion. It's somewhat confusing how to behave / talk in such a situation. Given below are some of the stages we go through during this scenario:

  • Stage 1: Surprise. More often than not, it happens with someone who's not that frequently in touch with you. And of that person calls you, you will be surprised. Pleasant questions will flow across your mind and you will be hoping for some good news from the caller's side.
  • Stage 2: Wonder. Surprise will give rise to wonder. Wonder what the caller wants from me?!?! Does he want to ask for a favor? Maybe the caller is planning for a friends' day out and is inviting me too. Maybe he justs wants to know about your whereabouts and will be a casual hi-hello call. Maybe anything. But why is he/she calling me?
  • Stage 3: A moment of uselessness. This is an important stage, or rather a feeling. An utter feeling of uselessness!! When you pick up the call, the caller will realize his mistake and will admit it immediately. Only a smart caller will not admit and talk as if he actually wanted to call you. When you realize the caller's mistake and the fact that he called you entirely by mistake, that's when this moment of uselessness creep in. But there's a different perspective to this stage. If you are an eternal optimist, you will go through a feeling of being utmost importance in the life of the caller. And what's the reason? It's because the caller remembered you sub-consciously and the phone call happened. A case of a glass being half full !!
  • Stage 4: Wonder. This is the second time you will start wondering. For different reasons altogether. This time there will be only one main question you will be wondering about. Why, of all the people in this world, did the caller call me? Is this really by fluke, or is he trying to be smart? Why me, why only me?
  • Stage 5: Confusion. That's because after the initial Hi-Hello, and what's happening in life question, you really don't have anything more to discuss. There will come a phase during the discussion when there is complete silence. Both the parties are actually wondering when to stop the discussion and end the call. Most awkward phase in any discussion. What should I ask about? Family? Ohh, I already asked him. Now what? "And what's happening?" Its the 4th time I am asking him!! Should I say, 'someone's calling me' and hang up? No, he'll understand. Should I say, 'I am unable to hear anything.. Hello... Hello...' and hang up?? No, Old trick !! Damn, this is really tough. But the best part of this phase is, you will always get through it somehow.

So, BEWARE. The next time someone calls you, could well be a mistake !!

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  1. Hehe! :D
    WE pass the phone around and pull the caller's leg ;) in this case the ear piece:P


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