Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Triple H... WWE Attitude era is Back !!

Finally, the Great Ones have come back to ..... Wrestling !! 

Within a span of 3 weeks, we saw the return of the Brahma-bull (Dwayne Johnson - The Rock), The Undertaker, Triple H and, in the last Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin !!! For the WWE, these are desparate times heading into Wrestlemania. For the fans (past and current), well, Welcome back to WWE !!!

For those unaware of whats happening, here's some news: The Rock is going to guest host Wrestlemania, and will have a thing or two for John Cena among others. The Phenom (The Undertaker) will go one-on-one against the Cerebral Assassin (Triple H) with the Undertaker's 18-0 streak on the line. Austin will be the guest referee for Michael Cole v/s Jerry 'The king' Lawler match.

Down the memory lane: Interest in wrestling started when I was 7 years old. One of my closest buddy literally forced me to see a wrestling match between one guy (strong, but not huge) and a heavy sumo wrestler. The first guy was Tatanka and the other Yokozuna. It was awe-inspiring to see Tatanka defeating Yokozuna. And from then on, I became a huge fan. I even refuted the popular belief that wrestling is scripted, even though I knew the storyline appears too good to be true. Eventually, I had to accept the fact that wrestling is pure entertainment (masala - as we call it locally).

Wrestlers like Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Triple H (and Shawn Michaels and many more) were the reasons why we watched wrestling. The era was christened as the "Attitude Era". There is no way one can forget the Austin's glass-breaking entrance, Austin's beer bath, Undertaker's dark and spine-chilling entrance, Triple H's pedigree, his trust-worthy sledgehammer, HBK's intensity, his sweet chin music, The Rock's promos, The People's eye-brow, People's elbow, Rock Bottom ... The list is literally endless... There's no denying the fact that the Attitude Era was 'the most electrifying phase of WWE'.

But, as they say, all good things come to an end. Once they started looking at other career options, we knew deep down, we will have a tough time being loyal to wrestling. As for now, we know for sure that this won't last long. This is just the build-up to Wrestlemania. And after Wrestlemania, these guys will get back to their careers and make a rare appearance as and when their movies are up for release. And WWE will get back to its own youth movement.

But, if you think Wrestlemania is gonna rock, Gimme a hell yeah !!!

And last, but not the least, I need to say something to WWE. You guys have played a significant part to entertain me, and the millions... (and millions)... of WWE fans, for the past 2 decades. For all the effort you guys went through, for all the 'controversies' you guys were involved in, for all the rivalries, for all the epic matches we saw, for everything.... THANK YOU !!

And thats the bottomline, coz 'All your fans' said so !!!


  1. Hell Yeahh....
    Dude, good 2 c someone is still following WWE., anyways, now will watch all shows of WWE, and of course the big One....WRESTLE MANIA...
    For who dont follow WWE, REST in PEACE!!!

  2. Nice blog. "Attitude Era" is the correct word when Rock, Austin, DeadMan, HBK & hhh were there in WWE.

  3. @Nishant: Actually, I dont watch it that often now... Its going good, but not as it was 5-6 ago.. Wrestlemania is the event to watch.. :)

    @Vishal: Thanks buddy :)


All yours..

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