Saturday, March 12, 2011

And finally, its Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

After a lot of fuss which I had mentioned in my previous blog, Kochi has finally named their team as "Kochi Tuskers Kerala". Now the name makes some sense, much better sense as against 'Indi Commandos'. 

I was wondering if they actually read my blog, and then decide to change the name? They say, we shouldn't stop dreaming. I say they are right.

There's some more good news for Kochi fans. Kochi stadium is ready to host 5 home matches and it seems, they have written a letter to BCCI stating that they are even prepared to host the remaining 2 home matches currently alloted to Indore.

Kochi Tuskers Kerala: It's high time you stop playing off the field and start playing on it. IPL is scheduled to start soon. Hope your cricket team will be as active as your owners. 

Kochi fans: Now, I think you guys can finally support "your" team.

One clarification: I was, is, and will always remain a Mumbai Indians fan.

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