Monday, February 21, 2011

Kochi Team as "Indi Commandos"

Kochi IPL team are at it again. They just don't seem to shy away from controversies. First it was the ownership issue. Once it was (somehow) sorted, they got down to make a bowling academy (Oops, I mean, a team). Then came the issue of buying Ganguly outside of the auction.

Now we have this.. Kochi team will be called "Indi Commandos". This is the explanation they gave "Indi stands for an independent Indian cricket team that will go ahead to win a billion hearts. Commandos stands for an elite fighting squad, renowned for attacking with speed, stealth and deadly power".

Where's Kochi?? Where's the flavor of Kerala?? Isn't this supposed to be a team representing Kochi, and thereby representing Kerala?? Every team name has its own flavor, and most of all, have retained the name of the place where they belong (They say its Indi Commandos Kerala, but they are promoting it as Indi Commandos).

If this wasn't enough, we have a new report. "Kochi" IPL team wants Ahmedabad as their permanent base !!! This is their reasoning: "Firstly, high entertainment tax (Kerala has 36% entertainment tax) and secondly, the state association has no control over Kochi stadium and worse infrastructure facilities".

If they really wanted Ahmedabad as their base, then they should have bid for Ahmedabad and not Kochi... The point is, were they not aware of the entertainment tax in Kerala before?? Were they not aware of the stadium before?? They wanted Kerala cricket association to build a new stadium, and the High Court stopped it citing environment issues.. Kochi Management messed up the auction, and now you are messing up with Kochi !! Too far guys, too far...

Kochi doesn't deserve all this crap... They deserve a team which they can follow, support and be proud of... Personally, it hurts.. I just wish they change their team name to anything that has the word "Kochi" and sort out the ground and tax issues with the Government of Kerala..

Indi Commandos... or... Indi - come "mandoos" (Mandoos is Malayalam slang word for Fool).. How APT !!!

PS: Finally, theres some good news... based on 2 articles..
  1. "No change in Kochi IPL team's home ground" - Kerala Cricket Association official.
  2. Theme song of Kochi will feature the beauty of Kerala

Something for the Kerala cricket fans to cheer about..


  1. Dude completely agree with you..but the issue is Kochi team is owned by few Gujarati investors and given a chance they would have bought the Ahmedabad team any day..but due to obvious reasons Ahmedabad has not been able to have its own team..and these investors (who are there only to make money) seem to have found a way out.. the way things are going at the moment I just feel the Kochi team was CREATED to serve political interests in Gujarat and it was pre-planned to be based out of Ahmedabad..and that also answers why it was named like this..Gujarat government is certainly playing a role in this..dirty politics at its peak..

  2. I Couldn't agree more.. The only issue I have is, they shouldn't have gone through Kochi... Anyways, we are in for an interesting phase of IPL.. I am sure we haven't seen the last of Kochi IPL controversies.. :)


All yours..

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