Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dribbling with Ganguly / Cricket Association of Bengal.

A lot has been said / done / not done about Sourav Ganguly. Here are some of them (a recap):

  1. Ganguly raised his base price to $ 400,000.
  2. There were reports that Sahara Pune Warriors will bid for Ganguly.
  3. Ganguly was unsold on the first day of the auction.
  4. Organizers decided to re-auction some of the unsold players based on team preference.
  5. Ganguly was left unsold.
  6. Reports that Kochi team was later interested in signing Ganguly, outside the auction process, as their captain.
  7. Kochi rubbished the reports.
  8. IPL governing council informed all the teams for their approval to allow one franchise to sign unsold Indian players.
  9. Approval denied by some teams citing IPL rules.

There is definitely more to it than meets the eye. Now lets add some supposed "unrelated" issue... 'Eden Gardens will not host the India-England tie'.

Are we missing the bigger picture here?

Dalmiya is now the president of CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal). We are well aware that Jagmohan Dalmiya supported Ganguly in his prime. We are also aware that the current lot of BCCI administrators are against Dalmiya (being in different 'teams', so to speak). Can we now add 2 and 2 together to come to a conclusion? I guess, we can...

Ganguly has been India's most successful captain till date. He also was one of the best batsmen (statistically speaking). Also, the IPL auction rules favored 'Indian capped players'. There is no 'cricketing' reason why Ganguly was left unsold. But yes, there could be some 'non-cricketing' reasons. As far as Ganguly ouster from IPL is concerned, I cannot think of a better phrase than: 'An enemy's friend is also an enemy'.

If this was the plan, it worked P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y.

PS: I am just speculating, it may not be true. But considering how tactical these administrators can get, speculation can't be far from the truth.


  1. I too support this blog. Well, Dada undoubtedly the best cricketer and captain that India have got. He is credited with having nurtured the careers of many young players who played under him like harbhajan, Sehwag etc. If we see last years IPL record Ganguly stands 5th in total runs scored. He also fielded creditably. He is working hard to keep himself fit to play for the IPL. He even opts to play in Ranji Trophy for that. SRK is playing politics not selecting ganguly becus he was not able led KKR into any of the final in last IPL's. Its the sad part!! I hope he should get chance in IPL4..

  2. I dont think Ganguly has a chance to make it in IPL 4, unless someone gets injured.. The rule says, if someone who has been bought from the auction gets injured, unsold players can replace them... If, unfortunately, any Indian batsman playing in the world cup gets injured, Ganguly has a chance...


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