Monday, February 28, 2011

An Open Letter...

Dear Blog,

I just read about your community and what you guys are going through now-a-days... I must say, I feel sad... But you know, didn't we expect this to happen someday??... You might have heard of Darwin's theory of Evolution... Some things become extinct for new things (and supposedly, better) things to come...

Things have changed, blog... No one has time now-a-days... You see, we are all busy, we don't have time to write as much as we should, and definitely we dont have time to read whatever our near-n-dear ones write.. I mean, we read, but cant read for loooong... We write, but cant write for loooong..

I have to admit, sometimes its funny.. Let me give you an example.. One guy in Facebook will add the following status "Damn, I hate this world !!!" Within minutes, more than 10 friends will "like" the status !!! I mean, C'mon, this guy hates our world, he might have gone though something; Why, why on earth, will you like it??? And then 2-3 concerned friends will ask the reason through comments... This guy will comment on the comments saying, "leave it".. Dude, get a life !!... If you don't want others to feel concerned abt you, please don't write about it... 

It's a funny world out there, blog..

Don't get me wrong though... I love Facebook and the concept of social networking, it's just that, knowingly or unknowingly, they are slowly trying to replace your community and thats what I don't like..

Having said all this, I still believe you can co-exist with Facebooks and Twitters of the world !!.. Hell, even Google communicates their updates using their official blogs, which leads me to believe Google knows your communities' importance..

If Google is with us, who can be against us?? (Microsoft / Yahoo - Maybe, but we will discuss it later)

Keep in touch..

Your Truly.


  1. Haha.... that was one sharp stab at the social networking media. Absolutely like the FB bit 'bout people writing crazy stuff and then 10 others approving it without so much as a second thought...

    Really cool post!


  2. Hey nice blog dude .. i think the people who r press like button not agree with guys thoughts instead they are happy that some one are more depressed than them ..!! :) :)

  3. @ sanz360degree: I couldnt agree more with the FB thing.. Its fun, but guess thats how it will continue to be :)

    @ Ordinary Man: Welcome to Blogging, my dear friend :)

  4. Haha.. Whn Evrythng is available on d home pag in FB.. thn hw come our frns [Lazy] do visit our blogs n subscribe to read ... ??
    Bt it's the thing.. Hav 2 accept the change !
    Hwevr.. Nice blog.. Wel said !

  5. I agree with you Vyshnavi.. Thats where we come into the picture, somehow we all need to ensure blogging remains forever... :)


All yours..

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