Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A tale of two Cricketers

One is a Legend; other could’ve been a legend of similar stature… One is respected the world over as the best; other could’ve been respected the world over as one of the best… One is a right-hander; other is a southpaw… One is from the land of Tigers (sans Woods); other is from the land of Lions…
Yet there are some similarities:
Both are accomplished openers of their respective team; both have redefined the way One day international is played; both have destroyed opposition bowlers; both used to be key players in their team; both of them made their debut in 1989; both of them completed 20 years of professional cricket this year; But, one is still very much part of a team; the other, well, ignored!!!

The first person is Sachin Tendulkar; the other is Sanath Jayasuriya…

This blog is not about Sachin Tendulkar though; it’s about how these two people redefined the game of cricket, and yet, have different destinies.

We need not talk about Sachin Tendulkar, as he is breaking every single record that currently exists, and is now actually making new records that never existed (first person to reach 30,000 runs in professional cricket and so on…) Sachin once used to be the key (and the only player) worth mentioning in the team. His wicket used to be crucial, as that would determine the fate of the match (even in the Indian dressing room)… Sanath, on the other hand, started off as a bowler who can bat… Then, for some unknown or bizarre reason, he was promoted to the opening slot and created history!!! The fastest 50 in merely 17 balls, destroying and demoralizing the opposition in the first 15 overs, he did it all… As Sri Lanka’s current captain said, he redefined the way ODI has now being played… And due credit should go to him, but is it really happening?

Sri Lanka used to be what Bangladesh is now, in the cricketing fraternity. And then, in early 1996, they suddenly found a player in Sanath. I am not saying Aravinda De Silva, Arjuna Ranatunga, Roshan Mahanama and others weren’t good… But Sanath was different… The current position that Sri Lanka now enjoys is all because of 1996 World Cup victory, which in turn, was majorly because of Sanath’s destructive batting… But is the Sri Lankan team treating him fairly? He deserved a proper felicitation for completing 20 years, just the way Sachin got from everyone around… which he didn’t get…

Sachin is now in a position to opt out of certain series’ and he (and others concerned) believes that his absence won’t be vital to the team… He has already made up his mind to play the 2011 world cup and in all probability, he will play (won’t be dropped, atleast)… He is still a vital entity in the team, not the most important person he once used to be… His destiny is sealed, and looks bright…

Sanath is now staring at an uncertain future… He has a safer option to retire from professional cricket and if need be, participate in IPL and other 20-20 tournaments… The other option is power his way back in the team as a vital entity, which seems unlikely…

One thing is for certain though: Even if the journey looks similar, it will hardly guarantee a similar destiny…

PS: I would love to see Sanath and Sachin win IPL – 3 for Mumbai Indians !!!


  1. interesting one..:-)
    completely agree that these two stalwarts are distinct individuals....have different playing styles...with contrary strengths..but the one thing common is that both are sheer pleasure to watch...:-)

  2. I second you Binu!! You put good points not to compare both of them!!Jayasurya might have started pinch hitting somewhere b4 96 WC. But the God of pinch hitting was Mark greatbatch from NZ at 92 WC. Still I can say that Sachin is more consistant but Jayasurya is more destructive...Your writing is damn good!! I guess you should start writing it for Cricinfo..!! best wishes!!

  3. Thank you Vishal for your feedback.. :)I just wish Jayasuriya should have been given a second chance.. Anyways, he doesnt have anything more to prove..


All yours..

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