Saturday, June 07, 2008

Action speaks louder than words.... ???.... Who made this up ???

Got to think of how this line originated.. I was forced to think this way... I went to see a shooting... A movie shooting, ofcourse !!! When everything was all set and shooting was about to start, the director of the movie yelled..."Action !!!".... Got the link ??.. If yes, then great.. !!!.. Both of us are equally mad... If you didn't understand anything, no issues... You are perfectly normal !!! ;-)) Read on...

On a serious note, Its a very debatable topic, i feel... Actions definitely speaks a lot... "Love" for example ;) You dont need to tell the other person that u love him/her... certain actions would do it for you, you know what i mean ;).. Well, actually even i don't know what am i saying... This is what i have heard about love (trust me at your own risk :P).. Even when we fight or argue, the words we use has no meaning if not backed up with facial expressions and flexing of muscles, i.e. if you have any ;) Even when we talk to anyone, we emote a lot through our facial expressions and through our "body language"... Those are actions, right ??.. You cant say "I love you" and emote as if u r constipating !!! ;))

Words are strong too !!!... You might have heard this before "A Pen is mightier than the sword"... Many people before leaving this world, left something that will make them immortal.... No, they didn't do anything spectacular, nothing "action" related... They wrote a book or an article or an autobiography... The book may be crap... but for that, we need to buy it right.. ??.. And hence, they became popular... and thus, immortal (Kinda)... Many of us prefer writing about their daily happenings either in a book.. or for the tech savvy guys, blogs ... No one remembers what you have done in your life... Unless, you pen it down ;) .... Words take centre-stage !!!

You might also have heard about "Its only words... and words are all I have, to take your heart away"... Actions used to take hearts away right ??... Boyzone thought otherwise.. and it makes sense too..... Tongue, i believe, is the strongest muscle of our body for a reason... It can praise... It can curse too... One moment, thats all it takes to end a relationship... One word can break it completely.... It surely can... Many relationships have gone astray because of one phrase which means a lot in any relationship, be it your family, your friends...."I don't trust you anymore"... And thats the end of it.... Years of friendship.... and all it takes is one moment of indecisiveness..

Anyways, now whats stronger ??? Action ??? Words ??? But wait a second, did we really discuss the edge one has over other ?? Nopes !!!... I personally believe, action and words are a lot like hands.... You cant clap with one hand, can you... unless you are begging ;) The same way, action and words are strong on their own... But imagine if they work together.... The point is, things sometimes work in tandem.... One cant live without the other...

In sporting terms, its safer to say Michael Schumacher is the best driver the world has even seen... But imagine him driving a Minardi, or a Super Aguri... Doesn't make sense, right ??... Now imagine him in his Ferrari... Now thats a deadly duo !!!..

If you didn't understand my first line and my last line.. Don't worry, you are still normal !! :)


  1. hey nice blog ! I never gave so much thought to this phrase .....

  2. Haha.. with your article.. u made it so difficult to believe in that phrase :P !! All d points vch u told are right.. :) Words also plays a vry important role.. nd actions too!

    But the inner core meaning is dat.. If u keep on talking n talking n talking.. vthout doing nything.. d work wont get finished.. That phrase will b correct when dat happens :D

  3. Thanks Madhumathi...

    One thing is for certain though, every phrase can only be used in certain occasions.. All words and no action is wrong..

  4. Actions definitely speak louder than words. It is much better to perform an act than to just keep shouting about doing this or that.

    Most of the people in this world who actually achieve something do so by their actions rather than just words.

  5. Thanks Buddy for your input.. Nice to see you have a strong opinion on this topic..


All yours..

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