Thursday, December 06, 2007

A peek into some Relations....

There is something that forms the crux of every existence. Theres something without which we cant survive. Theres something that we love to hate. That something is either imposed on us, or we are responsible for it. That something can become a necessary evil, or it can also become a wall to fall back on. It would also have been difficult for me to guess whats that "something" if not for the title mentioned above !! :-)

I am talking about Relationships. Without introducing it again, lets directly jump into some of them and see and understand what we know about it, and what we know, but never accepted them as they are. I will be restricting my blog (by the way, my first blog) to Friendship and that "Special" relations.
Theres a saying, "Thank God, we decide our friends" !!! Is this really true ? To an extent, Yes. We decide whom to talk to, Who is part of "My Style", common interests, Blah Blah Blah.... The list in endless. But there are certain friendships that just happen. Chanakya said "There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is the bitter truth. ". Now this is something very few of us would believe to be true. But if we understand this from a bird's-eye point-of-view, its nothing but the truth !!! We move on to a new locality, a new firm, a new college, anywhere it may be, we just want people to interact with us, provided we are extroverts. In the process, we "make" what we believe to be our friends. Sooner or later, we "filter" them, and have our own group which we call our "friend circle". Isn't this true ? Its not wrong, and we may not realize it, but this happens. Try being one of those "filtered-friends" and you will know what I am talking about !!! But all said and done, I believe friendship actually starts after this phase of subconscious filtering.

Even in friendships, we slab them into different categories. Just a friend, a good friend, my best friend and so on... God knows what difference it makes !!! Even more strange is the fact that a guy/girl who was once considered to be close, is now not even a part of life !!! This is what is termed as "Seasonal Friendship", something which was there with us in one phase of our life, but as we move on, we lose track of it. Not having time to talk to old friends is nothing but an excuse, but we are all game to it at one point or the other. But life's not that bad after all !!! Some friendships last forever !!! Hallelujah !!! :-) How did this happen ??? We had time ??? Or maybe this is the guy/girl who understands me very well !!! Why ??? Because we gave him/her the time to understand us, which others were devoid of !!! If only we had "Judged" others on the same platform !!! Not all things that happen in this world are right, and not all things that doesn't happen are wrong !!! Hence, even this is not wrong, its just the way things happen, and its just the way we accept them !!! But all said and done, Its friendships that define our attitude, its friendships that mould us during those crucial years of our youth (primarily), its because of them that school/college/workplace becomes joyful and fun loving, its because of them that our trivial problems are solved!!! Cant live without them, right ???

Moving on to some "special" relationships now. Relationships that we consider more close than friendship... People call it Love and commitment !!! In todays day and age, very few actually believe in such terms !!! Once again, not that they are wrong, its just the change in perception of this generation compared to the previous one. Commitment, to most, comes only after marriage. Till then, its something they call as "Live-in" Relationships. As they say, "Life is like an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts". The same analogy applies here too !!! Still, life's not that bad either ;-)... There are certain relationships that go way beyond the definition of "Love"... I know a few friends of mine, who are dead serious in their relationships !!! A salute to them !!! :-) They believe in living for today in such a way that they can have a better tomorrow !!! Fair enough, thats what we call, thinking about short term and long term at the same time !!! But unfortunately, only a few of them see the light of the day (No pun intended). Kudos to those who make it, commiserations to those who can't. But such is life, I guess... You win some, you lose some. But as one of my friend said, the fight is worth it !!! Guess it may be true, but somethings in life can only be guaranteed once you experience it. One things for sure, this is the relationship I believe, one must always experience, with loyalty to everyone concerned. Thats not to say that, one should experience it with someone just for the heck of it, it should be much beyond that, and you don't need me to explain it, do you ??? :-)

Anyways, everything that we go through in life is an experience, and one should live it with total commitment and giving your best at that phase of time !!! Somethings will happen, some won't. Accept them as they come along !!! :-)... As they say, "Means justify the end" :-))) and "Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you react to it".


  1. Hey Binu...awesome blog...easily the better of the 2 according 2 may be because this topic is more close 2 my heart...we can go on and on about frndship and what u have pointed out is well framed in a nutshell...Reading this bolg makes me feel that it has come straight from the heart..kudos 2 the special bonding called frndship...Well..So when can I hear a bit more in detail about the special feeling called LOVE from u, Mr.Binu? :-)

  2. Hey...i lied this better than the analogy post...waise woh bhi achha hai...u hve usedso many saying to make ur point...really nice...gud work...

  3. Awesome.....Binu....
    Keep it up.....mujhe tujhse yahi umeed thi......

  4. very honest n straight frm the heart...

  5. AWESUM!! Dint know u were into blogging... but very nicely written!

  6. Thanks Dhruvi.... Hidden Talent (or the lack of it) u see ;)

  7. This blog trulely justifies the definition of frdship.Good one!!

  8. Yeah there are various genre of friendship. And I agree with the Chanakya quote. Good to read your first post Binu:)

    1. Thanks Saru for visiting my first blog. For me, its like revisiting old days all over again :)


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