Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another day, Another sack

If you need any proof of the fact that we are living in a fast paced day & age, then look no further! Swansea City have just sacked their manager Bob Bradley. 


Bradley was appointed as their manager in October 2016. Yup, that's just 2 months ago. In October, Francesco Guidolin was sacked as Swansea manager and Bob Bradley was surprisingly hired. Bradley's past experience and pedigree includes managing US national soccer team. In my opinion, Bradley as Swansea manager was a bold move because of two reasons - Swansea knew they have a battle on their hands to stay in the Premier League for another year and also the fact that a known person - Ryan Giggs - was also in the running for the job. 

Premier League clubs have started showing zero tolerance with their managers, which is terrible for the manager community. You don't need knowledge of quantum physics to know that every job in this world involves a settling period. We take time not only to adjust to the new setup, but in many cases new countries, new ways of paying the game, new strategies, new people et al. Bob Bradley should consider himself very unfortunate. But hey, he should have seen it coming as this is the new footballing world we live in. 

On the positive side, Sam Allardyce was sacked few months ago by FA for being part of a scandal and he's now back to regain his lost glory with Crystal Palace. Bob Bradley might get back to managing soon, but probably in a lower league team in England if he's to make a name for himself in England. He may get opportunities from clubs in other European countries. Swansea City, in order to fill the hole they created, are now looking at Ryan Giggs and Alan Pardew. It'd be quite a funny story of any of the two gets the nod. Ryan Giggs was overlooked when Bradley was signed, so by going for Giggs they don't mind going for 2nd best (by their own reckoning) option. If Alan Pardew comes back, it proves my hypothesis that karma has started allowing second chances to anyone and everyone and all the time. 

Looking at this from a different perspective, why would anyone think of managing Swansea City, a club who has fired 2 managers in a span of 3 months? I don't think the person who comes in, will be passionate about the club! In fact far from it! The one who comes in, will only be interested in adding to his resume of managing a club in the Premier League. He will be sure that his neck is also on the line. If he succeeds to avoid the drop, he can kick-start his career (again). If he loses to do so, there's no harm either. No one expected him to do it anyway. So its a far bigger risk for Swansea City than for the new manager. 


Let's just spend a moment in silence for the managers of the Premier League who's decline is inversely proportional to the financial growth of the league. Premier League clubs know they need to be in the top 17 in the table at the end of the season which means their financial coffers will continue to grow exponentially. Below top 17 means a year of obscurity, drought, famine and hard-work to be promoted again. Thus, clubs in the top of the league will do anything as long as it's not illegal (hopefully) even if it means adding instability to the club in the middle of the season. 

The Perils of more money!

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