Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Uncle Sam from England is one lucky guy

What happened to karma now-a-days? And what about the old adage - As you sow, so shall you reap? I guess most of us have learnt that the mistakes we make are liable for punishment. Only a handful of us get second chances in our lives. I don't know about most of us, but Sam Allardyce is one among the handful. 

Let's absorb these phrases first - England National Football team manager, Highly reputed, Highly popular, Strong will, High net-worth. These are the phrases we used to associate Sam Allardyce with. But greed crept in somehow and he caved into committing to make decisions that are completely against the phrases we knew him for! Post the hidden cam video that went viral, Sam decided to step down and face the law. He didn't have any other option anyway. During all this hullabaloo, many managers were shortlisted for this role and one such manager was Alan Pardew. Eventually it didn't happen that way. Pardew continued to be manager of Crystal Palace and Sam quietly moved away from spotlight and into uncertain oblivion. 

Sam Allaardyce comes back with Crystal Palace after getting sacked from FA

Few months later.. 

Crystal Palace is down in the dumps, fighting to stay in the much coveted, financially satisfying and highly competitive English Premier League. Patience ran out of the owners and one fine day, Alan Pardew was sacked! He didn't step down, the official statement made it clear that the decision was made by the management and there was no mutual consent. Guess who stepped to fill this void?

Yes, karma and irony aside, it was Sam Allardyce himself! Now, I don't deny the pedigree Sam has to bring a struggling team back to safety. He has done that many times in his career. From a professional and success-oriented standpoint, it's a great decision. No doubt. But what about the baggage he is carrying? What about the scandal that he was part of? By bringing him back from oblivion, Crystal Palace proved that they don't care to be associated with a guy who was caught red handed and who took full responsibility before stepping down as England manager. 

Is money the only thing that matters in English Premier League? Does history and image take a back seat when it comes to a financial landfall for staying in the Premier League? It appears so. At the core of the Premier League is the game we live and adore - Football. As a fan, I feel terribly pained to see how certain teams have thrown in the towel to achieve success at all costs - success in this case is to stay in the league and not be demoted to a lower league. Talking of Sam Allardyce, shouldn't he be banned by the Football Association of England for being open to make decisions that humiliated the FA in front of the footballing world? 

Is it only me or does no one care about all this anymore? 

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