Friday, May 15, 2015

App Review: My Airtel (Android)

Airtel India is in a transitional phase in Indian markets – and for all the right reasons. They are promoting their 3G connectivity across the country in print media and TV adverts. They are developing the backbone for 4G connectivity and are soon to launch the high speed alternative to 3G in Mumbai (ahead of Reliance Jio). First mover advantage in the financial capital will do them a world of good! They are coming up with more and more offers for their prepaid customers and fighting tooth & nail with other operators in the postpaid circle. All this augurs well for maintaining the leadership position in Indian markets.

They are also working on customer touch-points – improving their customer service and upgrading their app. They have released a new version of android app which is a complete overhaul over previous version. Apple users will have to wait to get their hands on the app though, but they have the advantage of reviews and deciding whether they need to install / update their Airtel app.

A smartphone user has many expectations from their smartphone. An Airtel user is also no different in this aspect. Amongst many desires, they usually crave for following –
-          Offers, offers and more offers
-          Uninterrupted and fast network
-          Eco-system

My Airtel app Android Print advertisement.jpg

Airtel went back to the drawing board and updated their android app keeping the cravings as the core. The “My Airtel” app can be downloaded from Airtel’s website or from Google Play Store.  Some of the features of the Airtel app that are interesting and have a strong chance of being replicated across other network provider apps are the following –

1.       Shake the phone and save – Every prepaid user looking for a new offer to save an extra penny will be enticed to use this app. What makes it appealing is the sound of coins when you shake the phone for more offers. Their TV advert also promotes this feature extensively. Although the concept of offers is not new to any network provider app, the concept of users shaking their handset with the app installed to select and opt for current offers makes it worth trying. By introducing free coupons, they are now challenging players like Freecharge / Paytm / CouponDunia. Much needed competition for these guys to raise their game up a notch.

2.       Easy to use interface – This is a pre-requisite of any app user, let alone “My Airtel” app. Any app should be user friendly and all the features should be easily accessible as and when needed. When user spends a considerable amount of time searching for a feature, s/he naturally starts hating the UI of the app and will be in the market for an alternative. “My Airtel” app scores on this front too.

3.       An eco-system in itself – Airtel has more to it than just being a network provider. They are into DTH as well. “My Airtel” app has covered these avenues as well. They have ensured they create an ecosystem of their own where you can connect various accounts, including family Airtel numbers for quick and easy recharges / bill payments. There’s a section for complaints new & requests. Airtel surely has their strategy in the right place. And with 4G coming, we can only expect for more!

Although there are positives in “My Airtel” app, users are bound to find loopholes with more usage of the app, possibly same offers running and technical glitches. But that’s why app updates are needed. Airtel’s work on the app is just a beginning.

But a great beginning, I must add! I fully anticipate other players to follow suit or come up with even better features. Thumbs crossed! 


  1. An eco-system in itself, that's clever! I guess a great phrase to describe the app. Yes, having competition would mean better upgrades and offers for customers.

    1. Everyone is getting into creating an eco-system of their products / solutions. That seems to be the next wave on innovation..


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