Saturday, September 27, 2014

How will Android One benefit you?

Technology moves at a rapid pace in the telecommunication industry. Every now and then, a new smartphone is launched with a set of new features / set of apps. Smartphone brands have grown in the market so much that they have created different brand-names for phones of different price-points. So, a Samsung has a Galaxy series (as their flagship), a Note series (for large sizes). Same is the case for Sony and LG. Apple launches a smartphone once every year and it's always a big talking point in the telecom circles. Apple lovers admire the new features, critics wait for something bad to happen with Apple and then start raising their voice - a recent example is the Apple #BendGate and issues with iOS version 8.0.1.

One more news caught the eye of the market and that was the launch of Android One from Google. And to make matters more interesting, it was launched first in India! I guess leading players have started realizing the hidden potential of the Indian market! Apple needs to follow the trend, and hopefully they will. 

But what is "Android One"? Is it a new version of Android? Is it a new Android Phone? Is it a new initiative by Google? And if it is, why has Google taken the pain to release it? And why start with India? Is Google the only one impacted (positively and negatively) by the launch of Android One? Will it be beneficial to Indian smartphone manufacturers or will it eliminate them from the market? How will the Samsung's of the world take it? How will the players with negative impact retaliate?

I have tried addressing these questions in the business article I wrote for Please check it out if you are interested in knowing the business side of "Android One". And do let me know your thoughts. Cheers!


  1. Congrats! Please link it to your article.

    1. Thanks Saru. I have added the link at the end..


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