Friday, December 27, 2013

Whose Delhi is it anyway?

So, Delhi will finally get a government. After lots of brouhaha over the hung election result, the people of Delhi will get a young leadership team who will attempt to solve all their problems. Aam Aadmi Party went back to the people to ask whether to seek support from Congress - the same Congress they decimated in the Delhi elections - and form a government. Apparently, around 80% responded in the affirmative. And here we go, we now will have a new and fresh leadership team in Delhi.
The question that arises is - who won in the end?
BJP? Not at all. Going by the overall verdict of Delhi, BJP emerged as the single largest party and most likely to form a government with outside support / coalition. But for that to happen, they needed support from 2 independents who won and also from some switchers in Congress and AAP. Neither happened. BJP were confined to be in the opposition. 
Current Positioning: BJP are portraying themselves as a party who are not “power-hungry” unlike the other parties.
AAP? It appears that AAP has had the final laugh. AAP debuted in Delhi and in their first election, they formed a government - albeit a minority government. AAP has 28 seats and with 8 seats from Congress providing outside support, they reached the magic number of 36. The thing is, the situation's not over yet. AAP will come up with policies worth its weight on paper, but will it be passed remains a question. Will Congress pass a bill that decimates their own leaders? No. Will BJP pass a bill that goes against their own party leadership? No. So, where will the numbers come from? 
Current Positioning: A party who has genuine intentions to help the people of Delhi and in a larger context – India.
Congress? With only 8 seats in their kitty, they have been the biggest losers in this election. Delhi had a clear mandate - to remove the Congress government. And that they did. Their seats were unfortunately distributed among BJP and AAP resulting in hung assembly. 
Current Positioning: A party with intentions to help form a government in Delhi and try to regain the public support in time for general elections.
I go back to the question I raised - who won? In my honest opinion - No one. The government to be formed in Delhi can disintegrate anytime. AAP are aware of it, BJP are aware of and the Congress surely are the ones with hand brakes on! I feel the reason AAP wants to form a government is because this way, they can silence those critics who feel they are election spoilers. At the same time, they feel they will have at least 6 months to show they mean business by making quick implementable decisions in Delhi. If, for any reason, Congress pulls the plug they will have a reason to fall back on. Congress will have to think twice before pulling the plug as it would lead to an undesirable public backlash just before the general elections.
Here's a thought - Don't you think the biggest winner was none other than Arvind Kejriwal? After all, he’s a debutant about to captain the capital of our country?


  1. Waiting for more new records from the debutant:) Happy New Year, Binu!

    1. He has already started his innings with a bang sir.. With water and power..


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