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Book Review: Where the Rainbow ends

Where the Rainbow ends by Anurag Anand is a story of a certain guy, Rahul, who is in search of a lady named Avantika in Delhi where coincidentally, his ex-wife resides. Sounds exciting already? Well, it certainly is. But hold thy breath! That's not how the story unfolds. Its even better than that. This book is about how that guy tracks down Avantika and the reasons for her sudden disappearance, someone who has become an integral part of his family and how does his ex-wife feature in all this - positively / negatively / neutral.

Judging a book by its cover -

Who should read this book -
1. Youth - with a story spanning across academia, corporate life, marriage and beyond
2. Readers with a special corner for relationships and mystery

What's the story like - Rahul Singh, on his way from Delhi to Mumbai, met an air-hostess named Avantika in a manner that can only be described as uncomfortable. Coincidentally, they met again, this time in Mumbai. Myra, Rahuls daughter, and Avantika immediately hit it off well and quickly Avantika became an integral part of their lives even supporting them through thick and thin. One fine day, she disappeared. Rahul starts searching for her and that's when we are given a flashback of Rahuls life, his ex-wife Shalini, how they met, got married, Myra's birth and eventually, their painful divorce. Shalini left their life, Avantika entered. Now Rahul has a task to find Avantika, amidst Myra's deteriorating health issue. He finds help in his school friend and current ACP of Delhi. How Rahul finds Avantika and how his problems are eventually solved forms the climax of the story. Anything more will be a spoiler.

How's the writing - One of a kind especially coming from an Indian author! This is one of those rare books where its hard to find an error. Kudos. I personally enjoyed reading the book and with every page, my admiration towards the author increased. His writing is clear and simple. The message is crisply conveyed and the story moves at a constant pace fluctuating between the present and the past of the protagonist. The climax is a little surprising. And for the lazy readers out there, the page number is also a 'turn-on' of sorts - only 200! With every book I read, I feel there's any emerging trend to not only write a novel that caters to the reading audience but also to cater to the movie production houses as a prospective script of a new movie. This book is no different in that sense.

So, what do I think - Well worth your money and time. If you are part of the target audience mentioned above, you will hardly regret spending your time reading this book. It has the right amount of humor, more twists at every turn when you feel you know how it's going to end, relationships between a couple before and after marriage and a mystery element (revealed towards the end). My verdict - a definite one-time read.

My Rating: 4/5


  1. Binu, I prefer reviews to books. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have a special corner for mystery. I think story is unique and quite apt for a movie, don't you think so?

    1. Same here Saru.. Mystery excites me too. And I have seen this as a trend in today's writers. They write in such a way that it becomes a novel and in future, a movie too..

  3. Brilliant review, the book indeed sounds promising and with the number of pages that you mention, it's now tempting me to go grab a copy for myself today!

  4. The number of pages is indeed tempting ;-)


All yours..

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