Saturday, October 05, 2013

PhotoBlog: One pic that captured almost everything!

This pic was taken in Goa during the early morning jog session at Calangute beach. Thankfully, I took my camera with me. Yeah, jogging was just a smoke-screen, photography was what I was really interested in.

If you think about it, this pic captures 4 of the 5 'Pancha Bhootas' namely - Akash, Vayu, Jal and Bhumi. Akash is visible just above the waves on the top of the pic. The only element missing is Agni. I wish, at least for that day, the Sun had risen from the west. I would have captured the entire Pancha Bhootas in single shot! Now you will ask, why didn't I try in the evening. Good idea, but in that case, the pic would also include men and women playing!

Anyways, there's always next time.


  1. Interesting. Actually the shot is beautiful beyond words, and a closer look at it and its description adds to its beauty.


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