Friday, June 07, 2013

Raikkonen on the cusp of yet another deserving milestone

My friends who know me know that I am a sports fan. If you try to dig deeper, you will know the sports I like. Even more deeper and you know the sportsperson(s) I admire! If you want to take a sportcut, check my twitter profile and everything's mentioned in less than 140 characters!

I am a huge fan of Kimi Raikkonen. I used to follow him since his McLaren days. Was disappointed when he left F1 to pursue his passion - rallying. Was elated when he rejoined F1 with Lotus Renault. Watches every F1 race and remains elated since he finishes every race in point scoring positions! Yes, that's one of the records he currently has and is one race behind MSC. This Canadian GP will change all that!

This and all the other records that Raikkonen has is given in this article I wrote for SportsKeeda. Here's the Link.


  1. Me too a big fan of Kimi. And recently, I don't remember the exact date, but read a nice article in Deccan Herald News paper. It was a wonderful article about his life and what are the things he does. He is kind of very shy and silent kind of person. He doesn't have a FB account and some other related stuffs. His favourite circuit is not Monte Carlo which is the case with others, but a country side circuit (don't remember the name). I wish someone writes book on him, in case if it's not already written. Would be willing to grad it...:)

    1. Great! You are not alone.. Include me in the list too.. :)


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