Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moments of Appreciation (Part 2)..

Like they say, when God blesses you, he gives you everything you need and even more! That's exactly what has happened to me - as far as awards are concerned. Here's another Liebster award thanks to my blogging friend - "The Guy in the Mirror". Thank you buddy for the appreciation. Apart from passion, appreciation / feedback is the other important thing we need to ensure we continue blogging. And now I can say I have them in abundance!
Without wasting too much time, lets directly move on to things that you think you knew about me. And I will prove that you actually did know more than you initially thought! Here we go -  
10 Random facts about me:
  1. I am lazy when I am at home
  2. I love watching sports
  3. I (still) play FIFA 2012 (and soon to start FIFA 2013). That's the way I relax
  4. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Andre Agassi
  5. I follow Arsenal Football Club. Gunner for life!
  6. I have stopped watching cricket matches. I just keep track of the scores.
  7. I still don't understand Duckworth-Lewis calculation!
  8. I read books mainly during travelling
  9. I have watched all of Christopher Nolan's movies
  10. I strongly feel IPL-like concept will be replicated the world over and we will move away from country based cricket to club based.. Watch out this Nostradamus' prediction..
Answer to the 11 questions asked by "The Guy in the Mirror"

1. Do you maintain a diary?
Response: No. The first random fact is the reason why!

2. Is falling in love and getting hurt really better than not trying at all?
Response: I think so. Actually, I am not experienced to answer this question. In my case, I fell in love with a girl who is now my wife.

3. Is there a person, or people that you don't want to find out about your blog?
Response: Actually no. I want anyone and everyone to read my blog - Utopian state!

4. The longest time you have spent in front of a mirror?
Response: After Holi, some 8-9 years ago. There was something wrong with the silver color paint. The skin below my eye burnt and it took 3-4 months to recover. During that time, I was in front of the mirror more than once every day!

5. The last time you said to someone "I Like You" or "I Love You" (Mention the person too if possible).
Response: Everyday. To my wife and daughter. (I think this question is aimed at a person who's yet to get married)

6. The last time you received a hug.
Response: Everyday again! And by now, I am sure you know who I am referring to.

7. Do you believe in next birth? Why, why not?
Response: No, I don't believe in multiple births. But I am a strong believer of life after death, the concept of souls, heaven. I also believe a lot of our queries can be answered through religious scriptures and concepts like NDE (Near Death Experiences).

8. Something that makes you extremely genuinely happy (non-materialistic).
Response: Once I had been to a charitable institution. They bring the homeless together and look after them day-after-day. One can donate one-time meal to about 170 of them. I was there and what I saw left me speechless! They don't have any family member, no career / money / future and yet they are so happy together. They didn't seem to have any problems with life. Unlike most of us - despite the fact that we have everything we need to survive. That moment made me genuinely happy for them and I learnt a very important lesson.

9. The best part of being single, and the best part of being in a relationship.
Response: I belong to the second category. The best part of being in a relationship - you are never alone.

10. The most extreme thing you did in anger.
Response: I am somewhat short-tempered. But am also the kind of person who gets angry quickly and recovers even more quickly. There's not much time in between. So, I don't think I have had the opportunity to do something extreme when I am angry.

11. Habit or habits of yours that others find peculiar?
Response: During college days, I used to rotate my wrist a lot. Some of my close friends know about it. In fact, they even made me realize about this habit. I think I still rotate my wrist!

Since this is the second time I am receiving this honor, I will nominate the same set of blogger friends I nominated last time! And here is that post


  1. Your obsession for Sports, specially F1 and Cricket is known to all of us ;-) and liked your doubts about DL calculation. Lol :-) Congrats again!

    1. Thanks a lot Ashwini :) Sports was, is and will always be my area of interest :)

  2. Congrats, yet again. Good to read more about you. :) Thanks again too :)

  3. Awesomeeeeee those were super 10 facts revealed :D
    and the answers to the questions above seems straight from heart Binu :)
    Happy to have known you, Keep Blogging will be there to read all of your posts :D

    1. The biggest source of inspiration for bloggers are fellow bloggers.. Happy to have known you too! :)

  4. Wow, I am going to go to the previous post now. About the sports, arsenal, well knew about that. Christopher Nolan's all movies! Wow. But yes also knew you were a major movie fan. ANd books also knew, thanks to all the wonderful reviews :-)

    Its weird, we all dont know each other, but still know so much about each other, just by the writings!

    1. I haven't hidden anything from anyone, I guess! :) You are right yaar, blogging is an interesting world altogether. We haven't met, yet we know a lot about our blogging friends.. :)


All yours..

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