Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moments of Appreciation..

Let me start by asking you a question? What is the most important thing one craves for? Money. What is the only thing one cannot live without? Money. What should you normally expect once you have completed what's required of you - at work or any other location? More Money.

And that's exactly what I got. From my blogger friend - Ramya. It's awards time, ladies and gentlemen. And I have been bestowed with the "Liebster Blog Award" (honestly, a long time ago, but I messed up in carrying it forward). I told you money is not everything. Thanks a ton Ramya for the honor. And the fact that I learnt a new word too. For those few people who doesn't know what "Liebster" is, I will help you out. Liebster is a German word and it means Favorite.
Now with appreciation comes greater responsibility (Spiderman - if you are reading this, since you are so fond of world wide web - I didn't copy your quote. My quote is totally original. And by the way, you don't even have a copyright). The responsibility here is to do one of the following:
  1. Write few lines or a post on one interesting hobby you have or you have ever heard OR
  2. You can choose to write a post on a person you have met or incident that has happened during any of your travel.
I will go with the first challenge. One interesting hobby I had. It was during childhood. Now I have never heard of this thing before from anyone, so I am assuming this is somewhat different. It's a combination of pen collection, cricket and mathematics. Now I know that pen collection and cricket made for interesting reading but mathematics spoiled the fun, right?
How it worked: This hobby started when I was 7 year old and died down (for obvious reasons) when I turned 12. I never used to throw away the pens I had / were present in my home. I used to collect them. Those were of different brands (local ones, not at all costly and some imported ones with no refills and hence useless). So they had their own unique brand names. Now, here's the weird part. I used to assign them to teams (say team A, B, C..) and used to play cricket using them. But cricket was not the main aspect of my hobby - Mathematics was! I kept track of runs scored, wickets taken, run rates, required run rates, strike rates etc.. Everything that needed to be calculated in Cricket. I also did the same when Dad and I used to watch Cricket matches on TV and was quite good at it. Eventually, I drifted towards honing my mathematics skills by watching live matches and pen collection remained just that - pen collection. Embarrassed as I am, now that I think of it, I feel this hobby helped me a lot during school and college.
Now to the last part of my post. Life is not about taking and keeping. It's about sharing too. So I would like to appreciate some blogging friends of mine who have supported me, read my stuff, appreciated and criticized me, only for me to improve (this is NOT the Oscar winning speech! I genuinely mean it). Thank you guys! I hereby bestow the Liebster award to my following friends (in alphabetical order).

Rahul Sir
Red Handed
Dr. Roshan
Saru Singhal
Vishal kataria
I leave it to you if you want to go with any of the above challenges. Or you can try the challenge mentioned in this post.  Or you can even opt not to go with any. I am perfectly fine with the decision you take.


  1. Congratulations! it is always nice to get appreciation and it helps you to grow.

    Collection of pens was my hobby too, later computers has stolen my zeal. but at any given point of time i love stationery, and walking to a bookshop cheers up my mood.

    1. Thanks a lot Bharathi.. I wish I had those pens with me know.. for collection purposes! :)

  2. No wonder guys are always god with numbers. Thanks to Cricket, scores and the run rates, guys can do mental calculation quickly, when compared to girls (normally). And thanks for the Award :-) Thanks a lot :-)

    1. Hehe.. I am not sure if it is applicable to all guys.. But yes, its always nice to know Maths :D

  3. I love the way you started this post, we all want money and appreciation and hence I love these awards. It's a different story that I collect and don't pass it on. I know, very bad. BTW, that was quite a fascinating hobby you had. Congrats and thanks a ton for picking me. Honored to be in your favorite bloggers.

  4. Thanks a lot Binu, it's a great feeling to be nominated for the award by you, means a lot...:) I loved Maths at School and that's the only subject where I used to get highest marks every time when compared to others.

    Hope you receive many more awards, God bless you..:)

    1. Same here yaar.. Maths saved me in academics! :P

  5. Arrey Wah Finally :)...
    Thanks a lot Binu for passing it :D
    And its really a unique hobby you mentioned out there :D I am really trying hard to figure it out still :D since the Math part is involved :D lol

    :) Hifive :D I am going ahead to read the part 2 of this post now :D

    1. Thanks Ramya.. Hobby was unique and was slightly embarrassing.. Not anymore though :D

  6. Omigod! I was nominated! Stupid me being inactive for such a long time. Pen collection wow. We used to play pen cricket in school, esp with ink pens :-)

    Also, the money wala part is so so true!

    1. Where were you Jenny.. Such a long time! And welcome back.. :)

  7. I really love your writings, Binu. The best part is, is that you write something out of the box, original and creative. Keep at it and wonderful progress on your photography journey too! Congratulations on your award, truly well deserved and a huge honor to see myself featured in the list. Thank you! :-)

    1. Thanks Arti for the appreciation.. :)

      Always an honor to know you and follow your posts Arti! Its almost like travelling to places where you have been and reading about different cultures..


All yours..

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