Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 F1 season - what to expect?

So we have officially begun our 2013 season. The wait from the last race of last season (Brazil) to the start of this season (Australia) was too long. 110 days to be precise. But as a true F1 fan would say, the wait was all worth it! So, without much delay, let's directly move on to what we can expect in 2013.

Assumption: I am assuming 2013 will NOT be like 2009 season where, out of nowhere, Brawn single-handedly outperformed everyone and took the bull by it's horns! That season was non-competitive to say the least.

Top Driver changes from 2012 to 2013: The biggest driver change that happened was obviously that of Lewis Hamilton moving out of McLaren F1 to Mercedes F1. Shocking to say the least. Was money the key motivator? Your guess is as good as mine. Also, Hamilton has replaced arguably the best F1 driver ever (Michael Schumacher), MSC's second coming was not impressive at all and all his fans might be relieved to know he's finally retired and moved on.  Hamilton's move as allowed Sergio Perez to realize his dream of driving a winning car by moving to McLaren F1.

Driver Comeback: The comeback of the season could easily be Adrian Sutil. After being in the sidelines in 2012 and out of Force India, he has made a welcome return to his previous team. Hulkenberg decided to move on for greener pastures leaving a seat open for Sutil to grab with both hands. He now has a fantastic opportunity to prove his worth to the F1 community. 

Top Contenders: The usual suspects here - Vettel, Webber, Alonso and Button. Dare I add Kimi Raikkonen here. I will be more than surprised if the winner is anyone other than the names mentioned above. Vettel has had a great 2012 season and will like to continue the momentum. Webber would like to prove that he can be the numero uno in Red Bull. Alonso last won the championship in 2006 with Renault. Button is now finally the top driver in McLaren. He has the responsibility to lead his Hamilton-less team this season. And finally Kimi - watch out for him, if his car is as consistent as it was in 2012, we might have a Lotus driver blossoming this season.

Dark Horses: Last year, Lotus F1 team were the dark horses. I am sure all will agree that they outperformed their tag and became 3rd in the Drivers championship (Kimi Raikkonen) and 4th in Constructors. This year I fancy them as one of the top contenders. Mercedes F1 will be the dark horses of the season. Why? Although they have a car that's fast (if not faster than most on the grid), they could struggle with reliability. They had the same problem last year. Unless that is sorted out, I don't expect them to be on the podium on a consistent basis. Also, watch out for Sahara Force India F1 to pose a real threat to midfield and some of the top teams.

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All in all, this will be an intriguing season of Formula 1. My personal favorite is Kimi Raikkonen and if he continues his form from last season, we have a race on our hands!

Waiting to hear this phrase for the first time this season - The five red lights illuminate.. And when they go out...


  1. Hoping that McLaren will compete for the top spot in the championship this year. And really hope that Button gets a good car. Yes, lookin forward to Kimi being the driver he was last year.

    You'll hear the phrase tomorrow; plus "Ladies and gentlemen, crank up the volume on your TV sets, disturb the neighbours and indulge in the sound of those V*s." ;)

    1. Now we know McLaren are lagging behind.. Hope Button gets an improved car for this weekend.. And yes, Kimi just did it! A lotus has blossomed down under! :)

  2. In depth analysis which is great for a person who hardly follows the sport. That's me! Thanks for the post Binu, I could brush up on my knowledge set and all that could be expected in the new season. I hope Kimi does well too, he is one name here I recognize very well :)

    1. Arti, Kimi had a great start.. he just won the Australian GP! :)


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