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What to expect in 2013?

2012 came and went by in a flurry. 2013 is now upon us. Each and everyone of us will be subject to changes. Some will get married this year. Some will have kids. Someone will get a promotion. Someone will leave the current job for greener pastures. Someone will relocate. Some of your friends will start blogging and you will support them. Some of your friends will stop blogging (I hate this part). And for some, life will be the same as it was in 2012.

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Socially, here's what I am interested to experience in 2013:

  • Cricket: I am eagerly waiting for India's home and away series in 2013 so that I can miss them and still remain content. Trust me, I used to be a big cricket fan. Once upon a time, I used to wake up at 2 in the morning to watch the India - West Indies test matches! But my priorities have now changed. Maybe thanks to soccer. But it doesn't matter to me anymore if India wins or loses, if the match is fixed, if Dhoni is removed as captain.
  • Soccer: Lots to look forward to! My team Arsenal are going though mixed emotions as on date. We win convincingly, we lose tamely, we draw to opponents we should've won. But I love the experience. Sorry Cricket, Soccer has replaced you! It'll be interesting to see how the league table pans out. We are competing for a top 4 finish so that we enter the UEFA champions league.. again! Having said that, we are now not the team we used to be. Time to correct the wrongs this year.
  • Formula-1: I hate the breaks between formula 1 seasons. I understand the break is needed to improve the car and be as competitive as the other cars. But why stop racing? Why not have a friendly racing season between, say, the top 4-5 drivers. It could be a 4-5 race friendly season. I, for one, would love to see Kimi Raikkonen in black and gold again! Speaking of Kimi, who know if this is the season for the Iceman!
  • General Elections: We are politically in a precarious position. Our government is not able to manage the country and we are going through evils like corruption, atrocities against women etc. Expect a late surge to have early elections from certain factions in opposition and from unofficial 3rd front. That's the problem with having a coalition government. Don't expect the future to be different if the opposition forms the government next term - as there is no single largest party in India.
  • Aam Aadmi Party: Honestly, I was never a huge fan of his anti-corruption movement. I may be a minority here, but I seriously felt there's an inner purpose to the movement or a hidden party behind the movement. I have lost many friends when I tried to reason why Kejriwal is doing all this for his personal political career. I am tracking his strategy. I won't be surprised if he tries to support one party at the cost of other. And the group will be the 3rd front as he seems to be strongly against Congress and BJP. We are in for an interesting 2013 in Indian politics.
Bloggers Park (My Blog):
  • Parenthood: As most of you are aware, I became a father last October. My daughter's name is Jiana. And am living a life of a parent - thouroughly enjoying! Priorities will have to change now. I guess there won't be as much posts as I used to publish in 2012. There will be some posts on parenthood though! I will give it a try.
  • Photo-Blog: I have realized that to keep my blog active, I just need to write a 1000 words per post. And what better than a picture - as it already speaks a 1000 words! Expect some random pics and their random explanations in this year.
  • Book-Reviews: I had a habit of reading books. But I thought reviews were not my cup of tea. Until I started writing reviews. I will try to read as many books as possible and provide reviews for the same.
  • Reading: I love reading blogs too. That one will continue this year as well. No changes here.

Lot's happening. Lot's yet to happen. Let the events begin!


  1. True.. with age, have slowly shifted away from cricket towards soccer again.. the EPLs and UEFA Champions League... as a kid, I was a big fan of the Serie A ( back when Maradona was in Napoli, the German trio was in Inter and Ruud Gullit et al were in AC Milan ).. now the Serie A is not just unrecognisable, its a wonder theres any life in it at all.

    I got into a lot of arguments last elections because I didnt vote. My reasoning had been - there is noone in the choices whom I trust, then why vote for them ? Each is equally corrupt and none have any fixed stand on issues. A year before the next elections, I'm still in much the same position.

    1. Hehe.. I was never into Soccer till my friends forced me to watch the EPL.. Had an instant liking towards Arsenal. And am still very much an Arsenal fan :)

      Politics in India was never about problem solving. As we all have learnt the hard way, it's about defining the problem differently and blaming the problem onto opposition. Problem solving is never part of the framework :)

  2. Your daughter has a lovely name, Jiana, what does it mean.

    I have loads planned for this year too! and hoepfully I achieve some of it, lets see what's 2013 is in store for all of us!

    Looking forward to reading the posts on parenting from a male perspective (until now have come across all female blogs on this front)

    1. Thanks a ton Jenny. Jiana means 'God is Gracious'.

      And the posts on parenting from a male perspective is just an idea. I really have lots to say on it - mostly from a humor standpoint though :D

  3. A Lot to look forward to!!! B-)

    All The Best :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  4. cricket well what can i say the start has been not so good again ...


    1. Hope for better things is the way ahead, inspite of what logic says :D

  5. Even I don't like the part of friends not blogging. I am so lame on sports front since I moved to US and honestly cricket is not interesting any more. I was like you, used to wake up early to watch even non-important matches. I was never and will never be interested in Politics, my father and father-in-law are doing so much to cover all of us in the family.

    And thank you for your daughter's name, though I asked you in a mail. It's a beautiful name :) I will also think about doing photo-blogs, seriously it's such a task to write every Monday.

    And wish you and your family Happy 2013.

    1. Happy New year to you too Saru :) I can understand your concern on Cricket. Even my wife hates it and doesn't even think of watching the matches involving India.

  6. Happy 2013 Binu... man, congrats on fatherhood mate.. lotsa thins in store fr '13 eh?

    Enjoy da :)

  7. What a lovely Name, Jiana ;-) I am curious as to what the name means :-)

    And I liked what you mentioned in the beginning, some changes might take place, but sometimes you realize it's just like the previous year. All we have is to hope, hope for the best :-)

    Good Luck ;-)

    1. Thanks Ashwini. Jiana means "God is Gracious".

      Also, a new year means something new to happen to everyone. There's hope and expectation, but no guarantee.. That's why I included the line :)


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