Monday, February 06, 2012

Display pic for my Facebook page.

I have got a lot of my readers writing mails to me every other day asking queries, describing their experiences, criticizing my posts, admiring my commitment to writing blogs frequently and the likes. However, there's one common doubt they all have. And that's what I am going to clear in this post.

Now I have mentioned that I am getting a lot of feedback from my readers, you might be wondering how many e-mails, replies, comments, twitter mentions etc I am getting. And possibly, how many have asked the common question to me. I would say some thousands! Okay, not exactly thousands as I haven't counted them, it should definitely be in the hundreds!! Some hundreds maybe. About a hundred messages a day. Well, you see, I'll be a bit modest here and say I get more than 10 messages everyday. Ok fine, those are spams!! I don't get messages related to my blogs, but atleast I know what my readers are thinking about. I can read their minds!! They all are wondering what could be the reason behind "Bloggers Park". Why did I select such a name? Gotcha!!

The first name I gave my blog was "Blog-o-Sphere" and it was way back in 2009 when I started writing. I thought the name was creative (obviously, I didn't explore the world I was about to enter). Just like we have different types of spheres around the Earth, I named my blog Blog-o-Sphere. And after exploring the blogging world, it didn't take me much time to realize that every 5th blog in this world is called Blog-o-Sphere!! The blog section of many websites are called Blog-o-Sphere!!

Needless to say, I decided to change the name.

 And then came Bloggers Park - a play on the word - Joggers Park. Now the million dollar question, what does that mean, and more importantly - how does it relate to my blog and my writings? Well, its simple - I would love to have fellow bloggers and reader friends to go though the blog as and when there are updates. In other words, I want them to "park" their browsers on my webpage (not literally, but I assume you got the point).

Here's the new image - 

And I have uploaded the same on my Facebook page and Google+ page. Hope you guys like it.


  1. Your park is a playground for many a fertile ideas:)

  2. Very creative name, i must say! Very well illustrated with the pic too, it is a real joy to come over and spend time in this park! Love every moment of it :)

  3. nice to know about the story behind the naming of your blog

    ok now let me go over to the FB pg

    btw, the first few lines of the second para had me wondering. i was like, "wow, really?!" :DDD

  4. It makes perfect sense Binu :)

    I thought Park as in Park though, like where I go for walk not parking space :) But, with the photograph, it makes sense. A lot.

  5. This was good Binu, really good. I had the same thinking of bloggers Park as what Chintan had and I never thought of trying to know why the name Bloggers Park...:) Picture is just Perfect. Just one query, in that pic why is that Car instead of one more blogger, is it just to emphasize the point that it's a parking lot...?? Good to know the reason behind your blog...:)

  6. It's cool. The picture and the story behind the name...:)

  7. @Rahul - Thanks :)

    @Arti - Nice to be appreciated from someone like you :)

    @Sujatha - So how did it feel to view my blog's facebook page?? :D :D

    @Chintan - Yes yaar, the title was mis-leading in a way..

    @Prashanth - I had a car there just to emphasize that people other than bloggers can also view the blog.. I should've mentioned that in the post itself.. Nice observation buddy :)

    @Saru - Thanks yaar :)

  8. Oh Nice. The Story of how your Named your Blog. A really different and a creative Name :-)

  9. I thing this is a great name for the blog and the story behind.
    If you are a active blogger, the blog`s name is a part of you:-) My Spiderdama is because of my climbing and my husband who is called SpiderDan. Not so creatively to get the readers, but I write for myself.. I imagine.. certainly:-)

    1. Nice to know the meaning behind your blog name!! :)


All yours..

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