Saturday, September 03, 2011

Off to God's own country !!

Well, it's vacation time !! Even if it's only for a week. Guess which place I am going to?? Here's a collage that might give you an insight:

Ohh yes, its Kerala. God's own country (I know you got the place by reading the topic itself).

Kerala has always been a special place for me. Many of my tourist friends will agree that it's a place worth visiting for reasons including back-waters, culture, colorful festivals et al. My love for Kerala goes beyond all this. This is where I will be most of the time (in and around Kollam)..

Next week is Onam (Kerala's festival). Apart from all the colorful people, beautiful homes, boat racing competition, there will be food - tasty food, all kinds of food (everything veg though). And what makes it ever more interesting is the fact that Onam lasts for 7 days !! And thats when I will be in Kerala. I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy everything though.

It's always great going to Kerala. Meeting my relatives, spending time with them, living a life that is anything but fast paced. It's always wonderful how people find time in Kerala to be socially active. And by socially active - I don't mean active on social networking sites. Sometimes I feel Kerala doesn't need a social networking site, they are one step ahead. They interact directly. They dont need a platform to interact, which is great.

Should I even get started on back-waters, Munnar, rains etc. You get the point right?

And the most important reason why I love Kerala - Kerala has given me my partner - My Wife !!

So, Adios Amigos !! Will be back soon. Till then, have a great time, enjoy life and happy blogging !! 


  1. Without doubt Kerala is God's own country. Nicely written and Happy Onam to you and your family...

  2. Thanks a lot Saru... And wish you the same :)

  3. HAWWW! did u actually write an entire post abt kerala widout talkin abt coconuts???
    dats like talkin abt chennai n nt sayin anythin abt Rajini! :(

    bon voyage!
    my crystal ball cn c u munchin yum yumm coconut oil filled parathas in d immediate future :)

  4. Thanks Sadiya :) I am sure your crystal ball is correct this time :)

  5. Happy Onam to you in advance..Welcome to our coco land!


All yours..

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