Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally Mr. 'x' speaks up...

The other day I was walking down the street and accidentally met a person I was searching and finding all my life !! He was pretty sad though. I went up to him and introduced myself. I told him I tried everything I could to find him during my school and college days. Even many of my teachers / professors asked me and my classmates to find him !! I couldn't control my happiness. However, I must admit he wasn't too interested in meeting me. I somehow convinced him to at least share his problems with me. He gave up and told me that I have 5 minutes to talk and he will continue to live his sad and misunderstood life !!

Now, before I continue, let me introduce him to you all. In fact everyone knows him, and most of us hate him. Everyone who went through supposed pain known as 'mathematics' in school knows him. He is called 'x'. You might have seen some of the jokes on the internet insulting his identity:

We went to a coffee shop. There I told him that I write blogs and I allow many characters, especially those who are misunderstood and has no voice of their own, write Guest Blogs for me to express their grievances. I forced him to write the next guest post. He declined. He, however, agreed for an interview.

Excerpts from the interview:

Question: So, you want to say anything before we start this discussion?
Mr. 'x': Nothing. But make it quick. 5 minutes max.

Q: Fair enough. First of all, I am really honored to be with you this time. It's a pleasure finding you after all those years of trying to solve your problems...
Mr. x: Sorry to interrupt you, let me make one thing clear once and for all.. No one was solving my problem. You guys included me in your problems and you behaved as if you were trying to solve my problem. And that too without my permission.

Q: OK, I take back my words. Tell me something about yourself.
Mr. x: I am one of the most unfortunate alphabets in the English language. Also, the most hated one. I am one of the main reasons why young kids hate mathematics. Algebra is full of me. I never wanted to be there in the first place. It was not my decision. You people forced me. And look, what has happened to me now !! I can see the pain, sadness and anger at the same time on the faces of poor little students trying to decode my personality during their examinations. Just as all the other alphabets in English, even I want everyone to succeed in life, but not by hating me !! I am really pissed off. Even Xylophone hates me now !!

Q: You mentioned that you are the most hated one. But people celebrate Xmas on 25th December and it is the most important festival of Christians worldwide.
Mr. x: I beg to differ. It's Christmas, not Xmas. You can't remove Christ from Christmas.

Q: Point noted.
Mr. x: hmm..

Q: Since we don't have much time left, is there anything you want to tell our readers?
Mr. x: Yes I do. I have a request. I want everyone to know that I am one of important alphabets and would like to be treated with respect. I also want the text-book publishers to use other characters too other than me. Look at the Greek alphabets. Almost all are used somewhere, and hence there's equal respect / hatred among them. Equality prevails there. Its only in English we have a problem. I just want the world of mathematics to treat my with dignity. That's it.

And he left. Hoping that someday everyone will recognize his side of the story and will start accepting him in their lives. For now though, he remains sad and lonely in a secluded place hearing the choicest of abuses students hurl at him year after year, sum after sum.


  1. lol. poor guy.
    i think he shud team up wid y, get married to her n den dey cud d nex power coupl.
    loners r always so much grumpier :o

    super! :D

  2. Hehe... Or maybe form an alliance with their respective Greek alphabets... :D And go against humans !! Nice story yaar :D

  3. Hahaha, this is amazing!
    I'm going to make my Maths teacher read this! :P

    PLEASE read & promote-

    The Tablet Revolutionary

  4. Thanks Yash... Hope ur Maths teacher also likes it :)

  5. Lol...tell x hat i have never hated him. Whenever he was alne, the problem was easy to solve. Only when he was combined with Y and Z did it become complicated.

    Awesome read!

  6. I will tell him when I meet him again :D

    Thanks 'Red Handed' :)

  7. great one ... I wrote an article on similar lines
    (The Life of e^x ).. hope you like it :)


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