Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What's Hashan Tillakaratne upto these days?

Remember him, by any chance? Who was he? A left hander? Middle order player? Finisher? And now is trying to be the person who's letting the cat out of the bag, who's opening a can of worms. Say whatever you want to, this is his moment under the sun. This is his 15 minutes of fame.

Hashan Prasantha Tillakaratne was a left-handed batsman who played for Sri Lanka from 1984 to 2004. He also captained the team from 2003 to 2004. He was part of the 1996 World Cup winning team. But somehow, after 2004, this guy vanished from the scene. Though there are (unconfirmed) reports that he became National Cricket Team manager in 2008.

Now this guy has suddenly risen up and has claimed that some Sri Lankan players have been involved in match fixing since 1992 !! Not only that, he also raised suspicion over the fact that Sri Lanka made 4 changes in the final of 2011 World cup, which India won eventually.

Current Sri Lankan cricketers, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, have openly responded to this statement by asking Hashan to reveal the corrupt players. Even Sri Lankan board has asked him to spill the beans.

So why exactly is Hashan Tillakaratne opening up now? Why was he silent since 1992?

One reason could be that if he had raised this issue in 1992, he would not have been part of the team. Could be !! Also, after 2004, he tried his level best to come back to the team by performing in the domestic circuit, but to no avail. This might be his way to get back at them. Or, he genuinely wants to clean cricket and Sri Lankan cricket in particular. Now that's a noble gesture.

Whatever the reason, we are in for some surprises !! If this is indeed true, some Sri Lankan cricketers will become more popular than they thought of --> for altogether different reasons.

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