Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pune Warriors got some much needed Dadagiri

Its finally done. He has finally signed on the dotted lines. IPL 4 now has something more to cheer for. The reasons to watch IPL 4 has increased. The whole of Bengal is happy. Their own son, Sourav Ganguly, is back in IPL 4.

His comeback has been nothing short of a soap opera type thriller. I had mentioned in my previous blog that Ganguly can only make a comeback if one of the current player in IPL 4 injures himself / leaves the team for other assignments. But the catch here was, if the leaving player was bought for less than $ 400,000 (Sourav Ganguly's base price), he won't be eligible to make a comeback. That was the case with Steven Smith and Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

What this means for Sourav Ganguly?
--> A Huge comeback. He was always known for making a comeback, be it in international cricket, previous versions of IPL or even in personal life. This is his opportunity to silence all the IPL teams who didn't even consider him in the auctions. And a great opportunity to go one up against KKR, his previous IPL team.

What this means for Pune Warriors India?
--> Pune Warriors India is one of the latest entrant in IPL. They have players like Yuvraj Singh (Captain), Jesse Ryder, Robin Uthappa, Alfonso Thomas, Nathan McCullum among others. However, after a blistering start, they have lost 6 matches on the trot and are now reeling at the bottom of the league table. Ganguly's inclusion is like a shot in the arm for them. Yuvraj, it seems, will remain captain and Ganguly can be utilized as an allrounder. He will definitely be an asset to this team. How Ganguly fits into the team? Only time can tell.

What this means for IPL 4?
--> The timing for IPL 4 was one of the main reason why it is not been watched as much as it was expected to. It started immediately after the World Cup 2011. Too much cricket and too much Indian cricket to be precise. The reasons to watch IPL 4 was diminishing by the day. Something new should have happened. And thats precisely what happened. This could well be the much needed boost that IPL 4 was waiting for. Marketers can heave a sigh of relief now that more fans are expected to watch. More eyeballs will translate to more sales, right? 

Spare a thought for Ashish Nehra though. He played in the world cup semifinal against Pakistan, injured his finger, lost out on an opportunity to play the final and now is losing out on IPL 4.

But guess what, whole of Bengal would like to thank him for this noble (and involuntary) gesture !!

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