Monday, June 06, 2011

Go straight, Take second right.. No wait, Take the third right..

Last week I went to attend a function. As is always the case in Mumbai, the nook and corner of the area is not known to many. I went till the place I thought I was aware of. That's when dependency took over. There's a reason why India has a 'helpful nature' in it's resume. Infact, some people will leave all their work aside and will help you as if that's the most important thing left on Earth to do. Not only that, some people will give you options and not 2 or 3, MANY !!

Here are different types of people we encounter (or who encounter us, pun intended): 
  1. First Type - The Rickshaw driver: We normally ask an auto rickshaw driver, as we believe he can easily guide us to our destination. He will initially behave as if we are a liability. He will listen to our query. Then he will initiate his talk by spitting paan, sometimes near our vehicle. After the spitting custom is done with, he will help us with the directions. Go straight, Take the first, second, third, fourth right (he actually counts).

  2. Second Type - The Shop-Owner: Now there are some shop keepers who are not interested in helping us unless we buy something from his shop. Don't trust me? The next time you ask for directions and the shop keeper says he is not aware of it, I suggest you buy something from him. Now, even if he is not aware of the place, he will guide you to the nearest place he is aware of. Trust me.

  3. Third Type - The Common Man: Don't misunderstand, he is NOT that common a man as we think he is. These are the most helpful types. There are some who will clearly say that he/she is new to the area. But you will come across some people (as I did last week) who will help you to the core. When I asked him about the location, this guy suggested some routes with a right and a left and so on. When I thanked him and started my car, he asked me to wait and went to a store. From what I saw, I think he was confirming his route with others. After about, say 5 minutes (seriously), he came back and suggested 2-3 more routes and went on telling me which route is faster and which one will have a traffic jam and which one is one-way !! The entire process took more than 10 minutes. Though I was irritated, I saw genuine concern in his eyes. I left the place and needless to say, I was lost again.

  4. Fourth Type - The Destination Man: This happens once we reach the destination. After encountering all the types of people known to mankind, we finally reach our destination. That's when we realize our mistake. Once we discuss the problems we faced while reaching the place, we are told that there was a shortcut !! And it directly connects to the highway (or the main road). We could have reached the place in 10 minutes flat rather than wasting out time (which is precious) and petrol (which is more precious, now-a-days).
You know what, this is where India is much better than other countries. We don't need Google Maps, you see. Conversely, the biggest competitor of Google Maps in India is not mapmyindia - the biggest competitor is their own costumers. We, the people. No wonder people say India is a different market - where else can you find you own customer as your direct competitor !!


  1. Lol.. the destination types annoy me a lot.

  2. where else can you find you own customer as your direct competitor !!

    That is just soo true!
    Wonderful read this was!

  3. @Harish: I agree buddy... the destination types annoy me too.. But, its important to see the funny side of it :)

    @Red Handed: Thanks yaar :)

  4. Ha ha! well perceived! That is India! and i don't know if I should be afraid or happy about the fact that somethings will never change here!
    Wonderful read!

  5. hehe this reminds me of soooo many instances. once wen we wer in bangalore n askd sum1- bhayya yaha se MG rd kaise jaaye?
    n he was like- straight jaake left- n dude im nt ur bhayya :P
    hehe. we wer like *gulp*

  6. @The Xeno: No, I dont think we should be afraid of it - infact, we should hope that this thing never changes, it fun :)

    @Sadiya: Now thats quite a moment you had in Bangalore !! The guy was surely pissed off.. Hehe :)

  7. Thank you for the tip to buy something from the shop keeper..

    and the last case is so true!!
    :) nice post..Enjoyed!

  8. You are welcome Divenita.. :) I hope the tip works with you as well...

  9. By the way, these are much better than MapMyIndia.
    They have got a coconut grove in the place where my apartment is :)

  10. Hey Sairam, well said !! Our guys are much better than any system :)


All yours..

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