Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Boys and a conversation..

The other day I overheard the discussion between 2 boys (aged 8-10). Yes, I overheard them, I eavesdropped !! I had to, the pedestrian roads are so small and those 2 boys were not allowing me to overtake them !! So, as my revenge, I eavesdropped !! (Now, since we are on this topic, can we say, I adams-dropped since we are talking about guys over here? On second thoughts, NO.. as it would totally mislead one and all)..


Boy #1: You saw the match yesterday? 
Boy #2: Ya, World cup final na?

Boy #1: Yes, that one.. India won na?
Boy #2: I saw the match too, I thought India will lose, once Sachin was out.

Boy #1: No, I knew India would win.. I was supporting them throughout this world cup..
Boy #2: (silent)

Boy #1: The team I support always wins.. In 2006, I was supporting Italy to win and they won.. Then in 2010, I was supporting Spain, and they won.. And now in 2011, India won !!
Boy #2: But don't you think Paul (the octopus) had a hand in Spain's victory?

Boy #1: Don't be childish, Paul had eight hands in Spain's victory, but it was me who was supporting Spain all throughout the world cup, even my dad was supporting Brazil !!
Boy #2: Wow !!

Boy #1: There is nothing to wow about it, you have to think logically..
Boy #2: You are great yaar.. Ok, tell me who will win this IPL?

Boy #1: I know who will win... But I won't tell you..
Boy #2: Why? Tell me na...

Boy #1: See, I am your friend... I want you to think on your own.. Otherwise how will you improve?? Tell me..
Boy #2: (puzzled)..

I had enough of it... !!! I took the road, risked my life (whatever).. and overtook them !!


Boy #1: Its amazing how the boasting attitude is developed since childhood !! He has his facts right as he might have read it somewhere or might have heard it, but he used this piece of data for his own benefit and 'oneupmanship'.. He is learning the art of self-marketing (or self-selling)..

Boy #2: He was either unaware of these facts, or he behaved as if he has surrendered to his apparent well-versed friend..  There is a possibility that he will crib about his friend (privately or with other friends).. He is definitely a good listener, and is learning the art of being diplomatic and shrewd..

I wonder how one's childhood can influence his behavior, his decisions... And inevitably, his Life !! 


  1. Hey Binoy, that was a wonderfully insightful post. you are hereby excused for eves(adams)dropping for having gained true gyaan out of it. :)

    childhood indeed is the foundation of the adulthood and one would assume that this boy would carry his clever manipulative nature into adulthood. Well written.

  2. Thanks Zephyr :) Glad you liked it :)

  3. hahahaha...this is funny :) these two guys sound super juvenile...though still funny :)

  4. The conversation part:: Absolutely hilarious!
    Childhood part: It is a fact that childhood can influence the behaviors in adulthood! Children are amazing learners and their thinking and analyzing levels are much above than we could ever imagine. But if it is NOT directed properly they end up with wrong attitude and behavior!

  5. Thanks Nishana for the comments.. And yes, you are right... though children are amazing learners, they need to be guided in the right way too.. :)


All yours..

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