Monday, April 25, 2011

Termites came, saw, ate and conquered..

I recently read this article. Which, by any stretch of imagination, was interesting and hardly heard of !! First of all, we don't know if this is true or a made-up story. But it's already making waves across the world !! 

There's a popular saying, "Everything happens for a reason". So, there must be a reason behind this. Were the notes tasty?? Are notes part of their staple diet?? Can we see this as a revenge case?? Here is one story that could well be true, or even if it is fictional, is well worth it !!

Once upon a time, there were some termites. World was a very happy place to live. They used to live with Dinosaurs !! Yes, termites were present since the day of the dinosaurs. From some archaeological evidence (whatever), it was found that termites were great friends with most of the animals. Also, some guy called Charles Robert Darwin proved that animals evolve based on certain situations in their surrounding and based on this, dinosaurs became extinct for some other animal. This didn't go too with the termites. Evidence from some termite fæces also prove that they were angry with this evolution concept. Also, as humans conquered Mother Earth, they realized that humans were killing fellow big animals for pleasure and were eating it. Displeasure increased among the termite community and were waiting for an opportune moment to attack.

They wanted to attack in the best way possible, and incite pain like no other fellow animals did. They saw how their friends were trying. Mosquito through Malaria, Dogs by biting and subsequent injections, snakes by biting and injecting poison. But the one thing that was common among them were these animals were 'defending' and there was no 'pre-emptive' attack.

That's when recession happened. Termites saw how important money was to these humans. They saw everyone was running after money. They immediately realized that inciting pain by biting humans won't do. Humans have money to cure them. So, attack money instead. They saw India as one of the emerging countries since US and Europe are barely coming out of recession. ATM and Banks were shortlisted as they store more notes. SBI was selected for obvious reasons. They selected a team, most potent of the lot, for the task. And then, it happened.

Everything was planned. And the rest is history !!

PS: Needless to say, the story is fictional.


  1. i am happy that the red ants are not up in arms against us or we are in trouble..

  2. Ohhh Boy !! Why not, I say.. I think it'll be fun :)

  3. When termites eat your house, you don’t notice a thing. You don’t hear a thing, you don’t see a thing—you’re house stands there, silent and staid, while you and your family happily go about your days, without a care in the world—until your house crashes on top of your head.exterminators los angeles

  4. Yes, you are right. Thanks for reading my post :)

  5. Nice post. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information regarding Termite Control

  6. @Hitechtermite: Glad to know that!! :)


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