Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The day I met GOD.

Something pushed me out. Out of my body. I started floating, with no gravitational pull. All my life I was under the belief that there is nothing called as Gravitational force, Earth sucks. Now I am sure I was right and feel like telling the same to Sir Isaac Newton.

As I was floating, I saw some doctors working frantically on a body. It looked like an operation theater. The body looked familiar. Damn, it was ME !! Did I just die? Or is it one of my dreams? I thought of pinching myself, but I realized that I don't have a body. Just a spirit. I died. I saw my family outside the operation theatre. They were praying. My heart went out to them, but didn't feel like crying. Strange.

I was slowly taken above. I entered what seemed like an endless tunnel. It was completely dark and I was travelling at the speed of knots, with no end in sight. I was having a bizzare feeling of fearlessness, no anxiety, no expectations. All the earthly feelings were gone. I was sensing that something big is going to happen soon. But when will this tunnel end?

Then I saw a bright light presumably at the end of the tunnel. It was just a small dot, but was becoming bigger with every passing second. I reached the place from where that light was coming from. It was so bright. It was pure. Completely surreal. The experience was totally un-earthly. When I was on Earth, I was always anxious about everything. I was concerned about my family, my future, my financial investments, my job, security in life, et al. Here, I didn't feel anything. I feel so happy. I don't have my family here, I don't carry any money I made from Earth, yet I am so happy. Strange, again.

As I was exploring the place, I saw many 'spirits' singing, dancing and praising 'God'. There were angels too. But where is 'God' and what is his name, I wondered. Don't get me wrong, I was spiritually inclined while on Earth. I believed in God as a supernatural power and used to pray to him for all my (selfish) needs. But I didn't trust him completely because of science. But over here, theres nothing called as science.

I saw all the spirits were praising a single entity, one God. That surprised me, because we have many Gods down there on Earth. If there is only one God, there must be only one religion over here. Or maybe, no religion at all. Here, all were worshiping together and were happy. 

Just for the record, I didn't see Newton's spirit anywhere. Wonder why?

And then the moment came. The moment I was waiting for. I met God. It was a very bright image. I could not see him properly, but I immediately felt his presence. I was completely filled with love. I felt secured. I wanted to see his face, but it was so bright I couldn't relate him to any of God's image I had known. Infact I was so overwhelmed by his presence that I cared less to identify him. I felt like living this moment forever.

I am happy over here.

Suddenly, something started pulling me back. Everything I experienced started diminishing. I lost sight of the spirits and angels and again went inside the dark tunnel. Everything was happening so quickly. The bright light started becoming smaller and smaller and then it was completely dark again. Before I knew it, i bumped onto my own body in the operation theater.

I opened my eyes. I was alive again. I just had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Everyone around me were happy. They were praising and thanking God. The same God I just met.

My experience didn't answer God's identity as we see / believe on Earth. But I am happy I experienced it as I saw the bigger picture most of us hardly see. We are so involved in fulfilling our earthly desires that we are losing our connect we had with the Almighty. Not everyone will have an NDE but we can atleast learn the lessons from people who went through it.

Maybe death is not the end. Maybe life just begins after death.

PS: The story is fictional but includes real experiences of people who had NDE's.


  1. Wow.. u made the post real..:) awesome... !! i had a picture view in my brain.. :) nice nice..

    Cheerz ^_^

  2. Thanks yaar :) Am glad you liked it :)

  3. "I believed in God as a supernatural power and used to pray to him for all my (selfish) needs. But I didn't trust him completely because of science." ---Nice lines , This is something which all of us have in mind but do not express :)

  4. Thanks Varun. I thought of writing that line in a sarcastic way, so that we can relate to it :)

  5. I found this really cliched, with all the lightness and brightness, but you do make it sound real :)

  6. Thanks Shilpa for the 'critical acclaim' :) Actually, I have depicted the way people experience N.D.E.. Thats how it has been explained by them :)
    But there are many lessons to learn and thats what prompted me to write this blog :)

  7. Good work big bro! Awesome writing! :D

  8. Very beautifully felt, Superbly written....overwhelmed really...

  9. Thanks Sonam for the lovely comments :)

  10. what a way to tell your most unhappy events as if you really enjoy it .

  11. what a nice way to narrate one of your most painful events in such a happy mode.


All yours..

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