Monday, January 02, 2017

Giroud does a Scorpion!

Did you see that goal Giroud scored against Crystal Palace? 
  • Yes? So, that means you want to see the goal again!
  • No? You gotta see this to believe it!

Thanks to this goal and another one from Iwobi (will do a world of good for his confidence), we defeated Crystal Palace 2-0 in a game of pure dominance and defensive stability. It's good to have a clean sheet after a while. Only regret, we created a lot of chances and should have had 3-4 goals at the minimum. Goal difference might come into play in the end. Just a single point now separates 3 teams from 3rd to 5th. 

This is what Giroud had to say about his goal - "Alexis gave the ball a bit behind me and I tried to take it with my heel. I had maximum luck! Yeah, I had good balance. It was a great feeling, I wanted to score early from Nacho’s cross but I was a bit short. So it’s nice that I succeeded to get a nice one for the team."

It's good that Giroud included luck as one of the factors in his goal. Even if you are the best striker in this world, you still need that little bit of luck to make such a goal happen? To admit that luck is a factor speaks of his modesty. 

This is what Arsene Wenger said about the goal - "It was up there with strikes like Dennis Bergkamp’s wonder-goals against Leicester and Newcastle, as well as Thierry Henry against Liverpool. I think it was an exceptional goal because it was at the end of a fantastic collective moment, which is what our game is about. He transformed that goal into art – because of the surprise, because of the beauty of the movement and because of the efficiency. That will be remembered as the Giroud goal that nobody will forget. People come to the games to see these kind of goals.

Too much praise from Wenger won't do him and Arsenal any harm as far as the contract renewal with Giroud is concerned. Right? Personally, this is one of the top 5 Arsenal goals that I have seen and, believe me, I have seen quite a few world class goals from Arsenal during the past 15 odd years. All in all, a positive day for the Gunners. We scored 2, kept a clean sheet, went back in 3rd place and are now 3 points behind Liverpool and 9 behind Chelsea. Although we are significantly behind the league leaders, we are not giving up without a fight! And who knows, a bad phase of 3-4 games for Chelsea and Liverpool dropping points coupled with us going on a winning spree, we can make it to the top again! Too much of an ask? Maybe. A tall order indeed but nothings over until it's over.

I couldn't have expected for a better start to the new year. Thank you Giroud for this memory.

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