Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Who doesn't like a pinch (or more) of appreciation?

I love appreciation. I really do.

And especially when it's done for my blogging exploits, I love it even more. 

I always wanted to write. Write as a hobby. And that's the reason I started blogging. Sports is my passion. I used to play a lot of Cricket, Soccer and Badminton back in the day. Now, it's more of watching and following the international events that keeps me hooked. So, to kill two birds in one shot hit two sixes in one ball (you see, I believe in non-violence), I mixed my hobby (writing) and my passion (sports) into one and thereby started writing sports posts in my blog.

Last year, I was somewhat surprised and very happy to know that my blog was shortlisted as part of the top sports blog by BlogAdda. That in itself was a very significant achievement in my blogging life. I knew, deep down, that I had little chance last year to win the coveted title of the "Best Blog in Sports Category". I eventually lost out to the best of the lot.

But, you see, in sports, lightning can strike twice! And thrice. And.. you get the drift, right?

And so it happened. For this year's #Win15 event hosted by BlogAdda, my blog has been shortlisted again in Sports category. And with even more competition, I might add. The Jury (comprising of super talented people) have considered my blog to be part of the elite list. Make no mistake about it, this in itself is a significant achievement (author pats his own back moment)

But I now wonder, what's it like to actually win this coveted title?

The judges have done their part and it now rests in the hands of everyone who reads my blog. As per the rules, the winner will now be decided by the votes I get from my readers. At this juncture, I need to inform you of something I feel strongly about. Please vote for my blog only if you genuinely like what you read. Please vote for my blog only if you genuinely feel I have done enough to achieve this feat. I only want the best blog to win. 

Win15 BlogAdda blogging event Sports category Bloggers Park

What you need to do? - Simply click on this link (click here). A new web page will open (shown in image above). You need to register your vote by clicking on "like" button in that page. You can also click on "tweet" button and tweet the text that appears on a new page. Ideally, if you can do both, then great. That's it. Simple, isn't it?

Getting nominated last year was like a dream come true. Getting nominated this year again is like reliving the dream. Appreciation in this form really motivates me to continue pursuing my hobby and passion. And continue, I will. Irrespective of the result. But it would do me no harm if I am closer to the title this year compared to last year. Winning the coveted award will be icing on the cake. Lots of icing and a huge cake.

As they say, may the best player win. Likewise, may the best blogger win. 


  1. Already done, Binu ! Congratulations !
    Vote for me too in 'Humor and Satire' !

    1. Congratulations to you too Anita.. And all the very best :)


All yours..

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