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PK debate - arguments and counter-arguments

PK was expected to be the most talked about, much awaited movie of 2014. Now that its released, we can safely say it lived up to its expectations. Despite releasing on 19th Dec, it still is the most talked about movie – for different reasons altogether. 

(Spoiler Alert) - For those not in-the-know of things happening around them, “PK” is a movie of an alien landing on Earth but losing his remote to return home. In his search for finding the remote, he tries learning the behavior and culture of the people around him. That’s when he realizes that only God can help him find his remote. He starts searching for God but meets people from various religions and confronts godmen and religious beliefs in the process. Post confronting the belief system, he wins back his remote and returns home. That's all about PK in a nutshell.

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Any film that provokes debate (healthy, I might add) is a good movie. PK has polarized the Indian movie watching audience like few other movies have in the past. Significant number of people wants to boycott the movie and equally compelling are those who feel the movie actually makes a lot of sense. Some of the arguments for boycotting PK and my counter-arguments – 
  • PK is an anti-Hindu movie. PK has various scenes that hurt Hindu sentiments. The scene with Lord Shiva’s character was in bad taste. The movie attacks the belief system of Hindus, especially those who travel long distances on bare foot to visit and pray in a temple when PK argues that God is everywhere. It states that religion is becoming a business in India with little investment and huge returns even on the first day. The movie safely left other religions aside when they are also in the same boat. 
    Counter-argument: First of all, PK is not an anti-religion movie. It’s not attacking any religion. It is satirically addressing the belief system prevalent in every religion. There is a scene where PK brings coconut to Church and breaks it in front of the holy altar. PK then brings wine to mosque. The final debate between PK and Godman is a healthy one with both putting their best foot forward (while I personally feel the movie failed to grab the potential of a healthy final debate). I think all of us agree that there are selfless as well as selfish godmen, the former a diminishing lot and the latter increasing in number. I don’t see anything wrong in attacking the latter lot. And by the way, every religion has these two types of godmen.
  • The release of PK is wrongly timed. A certain section of India is boiling over forced conversions in various parts of the country. Rates are being quoted for converting from one religion to the other. For all the “unity in diversity” strength we as Indians have, this comes as a big blooper for our constitution. During these times, releasing a movie that attacks religion was uncalled for. 
    Counter-argument: Fair argument. It’s wrongly times. But I don’t think it’s the movie’s fault. A lot of background preparations go into making a movie. Even the date of release plays a big role in the success of the movie. Dec 2014 had only one big budget movie releasing and it was “PK”. Pre-poning was not an option at all as no one can predict the forced conversion scenario. Postponing a movie will result in the movie losing out on a huge revenue base (holiday season). 
  • Ohh My God (OMG) was better in addressing the concept. 
    Counter-argument: No counter-arguments here. I completely agree. Although I feel these two movies should not be compared as PK turned out to be PK’s personal story of finding the remote to return to his home. Religion was just a sub-plot PK encountered in his search for remote. If PK is raking negativity, OMG should have had a nationwide ban!
  • PK got its funding from Dubai and ISI
    Counter-argument: Let’s not even debate this as no one apart from his “source” knows the facts. No facts, no argument and hence, no counter-argument.

I, for one, believe the movie has raked up unnecessary debate for various reasons, some of which are mentioned above. Personally, I was not too pleased with the ending, the love angle to be precise. The director kept the debate open without any credible conclusion. Maybe it was the director’s way to avoid controversy or maybe the director intended the movie to be based only on PK, the character, rather than religious belief angle.

India has always accepted diversity and diverse opinions. If someone likes a movie, watch it again or promote it by word-of-mouth or simply enjoy and move on. If someone doesn’t like a movie, please don’t watch. If you are having a counter-argument, have a healthy debate through lawful means. Vandalizing property is not justified under any circumstances. If at all anything, calls for banning the movie is proving counter-productive as the curiosity of people who haven’t watched the movie only increases. PK will only stand to gain financially.


  1. I'm not for promoting or banning any movie.btw if my memory is right,church only said it's believers not to watch the movie,'da Vinci Code',right?

    1. Two points - Church asked believers not to watch (they are well within their rights to "ask"). Also Church did not vandalize theatres. Which is how it should be right?

  2. Bro Totally agree .I believe religion is totally overrated !

    1. Hey Krishna, I think religion is fine, but understanding of religion is totally overrated..


All yours..

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