Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Next is what, Samsung?

Two is always better than once – because there’s an option to choose from. Three is better than two for the same reason and so on. More options is bound to make you happy and assuming adequate of time to shortlist and choose from, the customers are usually the happier lot compared to the sellers / manufacturers. Manufacturers join in the fun if they are new in the market / better than most of its competitors. 

But what happens when the Elephant in the room is cornered by relatively small yet hungry foxes? That’s what, I believe, is happening to a giant smartphone manufacturer – Samsung. You may love them or hate them, but cannot simply ignore their presence in the market. The last few years have seen them decline at a rather alarming rate. Samsung Galaxy S5 was supposed to be the game changer. But it simply changed the number from S4 to S5 with a few hardware and software add-ons. Samsung’s Note series was supposed to be their USP against their biggest competitor – Apple. But Apple negated that with iPhone 6 Plus. 

Now what? What is Samsung’s response to all that’s happening in the market? Galaxy S6? That’s not enough in my opinion. The problem lies in reading the market differently, also incorrectly, than competitors. If this trend continues even for a couple of years, Samsung will stand to experience the same fate as that of Sony Walkman / Dinosaur – extinction!

I have been a Samsung user for 6+ years now and know a thing or two about where Samsung is making it worse for the user. All is not lost, however. They can still make a comeback and strengthen their top spot in a market with a lot of new-comers. With some strategic decisions up top and a little tweak here and there, they will do themselves a world of good. And they have started shaking up things, starting from top management changes and discussions to shrink their portfolio. And that’s what I have tried to describe in the article I wrote for IdeasMakeMarket, a business website. Do read it and let me know your thoughts too. To read my article, click here.

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