Thursday, April 03, 2014

Could 2014 be the year of the "Modis"?

It's plural, mind you.

We Indians are usually crazy about two things - Cricket and Entertainment (Read: Bollywood). Mix the two and we get the Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL will begin in 3 weeks time and the whole of India (apart from the Test-match-is the-real-deal type of people) will be glued to their television sets. Now-a-days, a relatively new passion had been added to this duo. A large faction of us (especially the youngsters) have joined the I-understand-Political-too bandwagon. No one is denying the fact that we are in for a political overhaul. By how much and who could be the party-spoilers is the question now. I, for one, also believe Politics is becoming more of a social entertainment with celebrities with no track record of jan-seva getting tickets for Lok Sabha elections. People, originally part of the same industry, are turning foes to serve the aam aadmi (no reference to the party with the same name). One may argue saying that's the beauty of democracy! But it appears to be more beauty than intention.

Anyways, I feel this could be the year of the Modis. One from the political sphere and the other from Sports. 

Politics - Two terms of the ruling party and we are suddenly rooting for change. Some promises were fulfilled and some were not. The opposition party hung onto the unfulfilled part and media did its bit to be the primary opposition party outside of Parliament. This was perhaps the first Government where media were rooting for their neck post every scandal that broke out. The ruling government failed to publicize their achievements at the right time while the opposition went after the governments fallacy and hung onto the differentiating factor of development. After a certain level on infighting, opposition declared their PM candidate - Narendra Modi. His apparent development-based (certain factions deny this as hollow development) politics cuts across the apparent lack of development from the government. Will it cut the ice? Is 272 a big number now compared to what it was, say, 6 months ago? It will be decided in less than 50 days. Anything other than what's mentioned will be nothing short of a surprise. Based on the general feeling among Indians, people around us, some US authorities and opinion polls (some were fudged), Modi is leading the race to be the next PM of India. That's one Modi (almost) at the helm.

Sports - The dreaded "F" word in Cricket emerged again in 2013 - Fixing. Players belonging to Rajasthan Royals were caught red-handed by police. They feigned innocence, then some were proved guilty, later banned by BCCI. But all this was just the tip of the fixing iceberg. Some of the prominent personnel in this scandal involved the son-in-law of the head of Indian Cricket board, a Bollywood part-timer and some prominent personalities abroad (you know who). Mudgal report nailed the culprits and suggested recommendations which were obvious in the minds of all Cricket fans. The Supreme Court finally intervened and ordered Srini to step down. The cleaning process is now underway. Guess who's enjoying all this from the sidelines? The other Modi, of course! Mr. Lalit Modi - the person who brought a tested concept of city based league to India. Enter IPL. And then, as things would turn out, he was removed from the institution he conceptualized. He is now in UK and witnessing the set of events happening in India. Like it or not, the things are actually falling in his benefit. He stands to gain more than anyone else from this. Consider this scenario - BCCI elections are due in September 2014. With Srini suspended from BCCI (and assuming he remains suspended), expect Shashank Manohar / Jagmohan Dalmiya / anyone who has the support of Manohar or Dalmiya to emerge as a strong candidate. This also means the victor not only becomes BCCI chief but also can be nominated as the chief of newly formed World Cricket body lead by Ind-Aus-Eng faction. What happens to Modi? He gets a direct entry to BCCI (also possibly as head of Rajasthan Cricket board). That's not all. He may even get to manage the IPL. He may even play a part in the world Cricket Body too! From nothing in hand to everything and more for Mr Modi. That's another Modi (almost) at the helm.

The above mentioned scenarios are purely speculative. It's based on the events currently happening around us and the probable future that could await us. But then, it may not happen either. Or one of the two will happen. Its India, after all. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee in just a few days - and this time, you don't need a coffee too!


  1. OMG year of the Modis. Where are we supposed to hide ! :-o

    1. Ok so that's one non-follower we are talking about :)

  2. Year of the Modis. God Save all of us!:-)

    1. And that's the 2nd non follower. And not surprisingly, both are south Indians.. :)


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